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Sunday, June 22, 2014

A bit of work accomplished

Jeannie and I got all the recycling out of her garage, sorted it, and took it to the recycling center.  Both the little girls have savings accounts for college, and the recycling money gets split between their accounts.  I have always saved my beer cans and added it to the mix, but today will be the last bag of cans from me as I no longer drink at home. 

Jeannie told the girls how much she got for the recycling and how much it would be for each of them, and in addition they sometimes put money into their piggy banks which eventually makes it to the savings accounts.  Today Arianna informed Jeannie "I'm going to spend my money because I'm not going to college."  Tomorrow she turns 5 yrs old and has already made a monumental life-decision!

After returning home I've been trying to get the dust off my floors, and mopped the kitchen.  I hate doing that kind of stuff, and I still have a dishpan full of dirty dishes to wash.   I'd love to have a working dishwasher again - as soon as I save the money for the membrane to cover the roof.

Now that I have that huge recycling bag of beer cans out of the back of my car, I can start putting camping eqipment into it.  I should be psyched but can't get much energy up yet.   I think I've become so lazy the past year or two with health issues that I'm permanently impaired.  I used to be such an energetic person!


  1. Recycling is good. That is what flea-markets are for (grin).

  2. Recycling is a good activity to get young kids involved in so they will carry it with them into adulthood.

    Using that money for their college fund is also good way to foment savings. Kudos to your daughter for getting them involved in both activities.

  3. What a great idea to help teach the kids to save money. Of course sounds like Arianna had made other choices for herself.

    I think we get so comfortable staying home or is it stagnant that we just can't seem to get it together to actually get moving again. But you'll be ready by next weekend I'm sure.