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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Just relaxing

I haven't done much of anything the past two days since I opened up that jigsaw puzzle box.   I need to go to Target but decided it would be less crowded on Monday, so I'm putting it off until tomorrow.

This represents two days of work off and on with the 1000 piece puzzle.  Click to enlarge.

This is the box showing what it is supposed to look like when it's finished.

I have complained for a long time about my deteriorating vision, but this little exercise in fun has given me a different outlook.  If I can see subtle differences in color, and spot an individual piece of the puzzle that I am looking for - out of hundreds of pieces - then I'm not as bad off as I thought.  Of course I can only work it during daylight.  Maybe with a lamp and a powerful light bulb I might be able to see it at night, but I need a good excuse to put it away.   The picture above is after working on the puzzle for 2 days, and I think I have put a lot of it together, but still have a long way to go.

So that's just about how I've spent my day, and I'm ready to quit for now.  I have way more finished than when I took the picture.   Nothing else to write about.


  1. I like to do puzzles. If I lived closer to you I would come over and help you with it.

  2. Well you've got me beat by a mile. I just have no "vision" for puzzles. I don't see the pieces fit and thus run out of patience far too soon. I should get some and practice. Maybe when I'm not so busy. LOL

  3. In this kind of weather puzzles are a good way to ignore the heat. Or any other little projects. Your doing a great job and quickly I might add.

  4. glad you had a relaxing day ... I do a jigsaw puzzle almost every morning online... as well as other games to try and keep this ol mind fairly close to me... instead wandering off on its own ... been doing that way too much lately!

    g'night ;) ...

  5. I love puzzles too but kitties playing with pieces is always a problem. I have to put a board over the table when I'm not working on it to keep them out to protect my project. I do online puzzles when on the road too.

  6. You'd love it here! In the rec room, there are about a hundred different puzzles to choose from, and there are frequently two or more going at one time.

    Virtual hugs,