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Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Birthday Party

Arianna had her 5th birthday party today - this is the birthday girl with Grandma:  (click to enlarge)

And this is Grandma with all her California kiddies:

Donald grilled hamburgers and several kinds of sausages and brats, and there were wonderful side dishes to go with them.  I actually ate a hamburger AND  a brat, plus some of the side dishes and, of course, birthday cake and ice cream.  I won't even count the number of beers I enjoyed.

It was an enjoyable time, and I am looking forward to getting toether again next weekend at a campground in Tahoe National Forest.


  1. Boy is that a beautiful group of grandchildren you have. No wonder you put up with Sacramento in order to be part of their lives on a very regular basis. Grandmothers are SO important! Neither my daughter nor I ever really had one as our grandmothers died when we were young.

  2. Great picture with everyone smiling!

  3. Great looking family. By the way, what makes you think to loose any weight? You are plenty skinny enough.

  4. You'll be 2 1/2 hrs from us, but it's a little to far for a one day trip next weekend. We're still thinking Sacramento when we leave here, just not sure yet.

    Have fun next weekend!

  5. Happy belated birthday to Arianna!

    You have a lovely family :)