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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Today is much better

I didn't even need to turn on the swamp cooler today as the fan kept the air moving and there was a nice breeze all day long outside.  I think we'll have two more nice days like this before it climbs into the 90's.

I shopped for my granddaughter's birthday present today.  Arianna will be 5 and the party will be on the 21st. 

I exercised this evening and am pretty sore now.  I went a little heavier on some of the weights and I can feel it.  But mostly I feel terrific.  I weigh myself each time I go to the gym and have enjoyed watching the number climb, even if only a few ounces at a time.  I'm over 119# as of today and hope to turn to the magic number within a week or so.  After 120, then I can relax a bit and hope to gain a few more pounds, but at least hold on to what I've got.

I have the House Hunters show on HGTV running in the background.   A young couple is looking for an old but rehabbed row house in Baltimore.  As they were walking from one room to another, the girl asked the real estate agent, "What are the windows over the doors?"   Of course I knew right away she was talking about transoms.  Does anyone else remember the transoms over the interior doors to provide air circulation?

I'm ready to fall asleep in my chair and hope to get a good night's rest.   See ya tomorrow.


  1. I am definitely old enough to know about transoms and participated in their use.

  2. Glad to hear you are having a break from the heat and that you are just under 120. Now if I could just get UNDER 120 with you headed in the other direction, that would be great. Too much pie here. I recommend it as an efficient and tasty way to gain weight.

  3. Don't loose too much weight. You get plenty of exercise and you need calories.