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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A First for Me!

I didn't leave the house yesterday so I had a lot of things to do today, including a quick trip to the grocery.  Bel Air always asks the customer if they would like help getting their purchases to the car.   Older ladies and men often take them up on it, but I haven't reached that age yet and have always been adamant I would take care of myself.

Today I bought a case of spring water (to take camping), and it was so heavy I couldn't lift it from the floor to any higher than the lower rack of the shopping cart.  I asked the cashier if he could move it to the basket for me so I could get a good grip on it to place it in my car.  Before I knew what was happening, one of the baggers was smiling and ready to push my cart out.  I could have protested, but I decided it was better to have help than to lift something that could hurt my insides.  Now the case will sit in the back of my car until one of the boys comes by.

I stopped at Michael's Crafts and spent a lot of money on supplies to allow the grandkids to be creative.  And I will need to be creative in figuring out how I can let them have fun while staying out of their way, but preventing chaos and a huge mess at the same time.

Speaking of camping, I have no idea when I am going.  No doubt I'll wake up some morning, throw things in the back of the highlander (forgetting half of what I'll need), and take off.   

Although it's currently 86F it feels warmer than that.  I looked at weather.com online and see that the humidity is 29%, so it's no wonder it's a little uncomfortable.  The  humidity is forecasted to go down as the temperature rises today.  I certainly don't understand it.


  1. The humidity is only 29%? My thermostat right now in TX with the air running says 82 with a humidity of 49. That 29 doesn't 't seem bad.
    Fun for you to provide fun for the kids. I am glad that you got help with the water!!

  2. I don't think the humidity ever gets down that low around here. Anything under fifty percent is really dry, here.

  3. I have no problems letting the younger crowd wrestle the heavy stuff for me. Isn't that what they are for? LOL We're still in the desert so the humidity is only around 10%. But I would love to see some lower 80 degree weather for a change.

  4. You could break the plastic and take out some of the bottles to take the water into the house in smaller amounts....

  5. getting the water is the first step to running away somewhere to camp. Good to let someone take the cart for you when handling heavy stuff so soon after your surgery.

  6. Ever thought of a Pur water filter. we'be been some places with sketchy water and it is really great. Then we don't have to waste all that plastic.