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Monday, June 9, 2014

Another hot day!

It is 102 right now which is supposed to be our high for today.  The next week or so should be in the 90's or high 80's, so it will be a little more comfortable.  This is really awful, but I can deal with it.   I took a nap in the bedroom this afternoon and it's surprising how much cooler the back of the house is in the afternoons - the opposite it true of the front of the house though!  You just can't have it all.   Note:  I have windows open in every room of the house, but the kitchen is like an oven whereas the air is cooler everywhere else.)

I mentioned in a past blog that I check the cookies on my computer every couple of days and delete most of them.   One thing I notice is that many of the blogs I read leave their cookie.  Not all of them do, but a good number, and I wonder if anyone has a reasonable explanation for why they do that.  I just delete them and they reappear the next time I read that blog.

I find that I am extremely bored with TV lately, and leave it off much of the time.   The same goes with the computer - I love reading the blogs and keeping current with what folks are doing, and I check my emails several times a day, but other than that there isn't anything worth spending time online for.  Thank goodness I dropped FB a couple of years ago and have never learned to Twitter (or is that to Tweet).  I think the whole concept of Twitter is juvenile, but that is how it appears to me and obviously most people don't share my opinion.

I want to correct something I wrote yesterday and that is the campgrounds we looked at were at about 4000+ feet, not the 6000 ft I mentioned.  Not really important, but I don't like to be 2000 ft inaccurate.

Gym tonight, and I sure need it.  I'm gaining weight and muscle, but with all the food intake my belly doesn't match the rest of me.  I'd love to know how to whittle it down, although I'm still afraid of damaging the hernia repair.  I still have frequent aches and pains in the area which I deem to be the mesh to which tissue adheres over time.  (I don't exactly know this to be the reason for the pain, but it  sounds as good as anything else I can come up with. ) 

I had such a good time with Steve and my grandson Liam yesterday.  Liam will be 4 in August, and is amazingly aware of paleontology and the various kinds of dinosaurs.  The names just roll off his tongue like he's been saying them all his life - he probably has been saying them for at least the past year.  Tyrannosaurus, brontosaurus,  triceratops, stegosaurus - he knows them all and many more.  These are just the ones I can pronounce, but Liam totally amazes me with his knowledge of the names, what they look like, what they eat, how they act, (put all this in the past tense, of course.  They haven't been eating for a long time!).   I really hope he maintains his interest because I see a budding paleontologist coming up.

I think I will go stand in a cool shower for a while before getting my gym clothes on.  Stay cool, y'all.



  1. Liam reminds me of my grandson, Gavin when he was that age. He'd come over for the day and we'd sit in front of my computer searching for dinosaurs. When a good photo would come up, he'd ask me to print it so he could take it home. He, too, knew all the names. He'd go home with a handful of dinosaur pictures. That was really fun! :)

  2. I have the same opinion about the tweeting stuff. Whew 102 sounds just wilting. I'm amazed you can nap in that heat. Cool shower sounds perfect. I remember Carrie's preschool doing lots of dinosaur things. Seems an odd age for such big words and ancient history. Wonder if Liam would enjoy one of those dinosaur kits where you can put together a model.

  3. Kids can be so amazing these days. Has a great mind for such a little guy.

    I don't tweet or twitter either can't be bothered with all that junk.
    And I agree about TV it's about as amusing as staring at the wall.

  4. My goodness that is pretty hot indeed!

    We have the same problem, the kitchen is like an oven especially in the afternoon.

    I have no desire to learn how to tweet or join a social network.

  5. I feel the same way as you & the other commenters about that Tweet stuff. I think the word Juvenile in many cases sums it up well.

  6. Have no idea how to Twitter or Tweet and don't want to. Todd loved dinosaurs when he was little. It's so much fun to see how little ones can just soak up all that stuff. Sure hope it does cool down a little bit for you. It was 38 here last night so our heat was on. 2000 feet makes a big difference for someone with breathing problems like Jim. We're at 7000 feet and he's using his inhaler all the time now.