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Friday, June 6, 2014

I drug myself to Walmart

There are a number of items I want to buy but haven't found them elsewhere, or if I found them they cost way more than I wanted to pay.  So I made my "about 4x-a-year-trip" to Walmart.  Nothing has changed there - I had several things on my list that I couldn't find.  

What I did find (and bought) were 4 sheer panels to go on my living room window  (Curtains were not on my list, by the way.).  The old curtains were so horrible that I threw them out when I painted, and never replaced them.

The window the new curtains are now covering has serious water damage to the paneling around one side.  I went ahead and painted those panels so it would be less noticeable.  Steve has said he will replace the window AND sections of the wall panels when he gets a chance.   When that happens I'll have to paint the new paneling but I think the curtains will be just fine.  The window is very large - all the windows in this place are larger than usual.  They are jalousie type windows and I will be glad to replace them with the more regular type that has a screen included.  There was a screen on this window that was so bent out of shape and had holes in it, plus was missing a lot of screws that were supposed to hold it flush to the wall, so I just tossed it.  Shortly after moving in I tried to find replacement screws for the screen, but only a local old-fashioned hardware store in Fair Oaks had the right size screws.  I thought I was buying a large number of them, but every screen in the house was missing screws so they were used up quickly.  The hardware store is no longer there and I hated to see it go.  They still had and were using the original cash register, and had items on their shelves you couldn't find anywhere else.

So this trip to Walmart wasn't a total waste of time, and I'll probably return to buy replacement sheer panels for all the other windows in the house.  Other than the few special items that I find and buy there, I just can't see the attraction of the place.  It certainly isn't the prices - for all the aggravation I'd be willing to pay a bit more (but not outrageously more).

The temperature is beginning its rise to the upper 90's.  It was 68 when I left for Walmart at about 10:30 this morning, and it's now already 81!  I'm taking it easy for the rest of the day.


  1. Stay in the AC when the temperature gets that high. When the temp. gets over your body temperature, it become dangerous.

  2. Don't go there, ever, if it upsets you!

  3. Since I hate inflation I use Walmart a lot. At least you found your curtains.

    At 10:30 am it was 95 here. Came in and closed all the blinds and just tried to stay cool.

  4. I made a trip there today too. Unfortunately I have to go more than four times a year as this is a small town.

    To me Walmart is expensive, they have some things mainly electronics to lure you in but groceries at least in Del Rio...I am better off buying at HEB.

    Have a friend that drives down from Fort Stockton once a month (for other business) and just loves shopping at our Super Walmart.

  5. I hate to see local hardware stores go out of business. They always seem to have what you need and the big boxes - Lowe's and Home Depot - never do. As for Walmart, they have a real scam going. There are about 6 things that are cheaper and everything else is as or more expensive. You go in to buy 2 things at reasonable prices and you come out with a cart full and have spent a pot full.