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Friday, June 20, 2014

Is my memory failing?

I hate even bringing this up, but I'd like to know if someone else has the same memory.  Didn't President Kennedy send 300 "advisors" into South Vietnam in the early sixties.   If so, it's deja vu all over again - 300 "advisors" into Iraq.

I did a little trimming in the back yard this morning - just a few branches of dead heather and some from a pink oleander.  I had already started a pile of debris about a week ago, so I thought I'd call the office and have it picked up.  The office person said it had to be bagged in order to be picked up.  This stuff was too brittle to be bagged, and I wasn't about to waste 5 or 6 plastic trash bags anyway.  This must be a result of now having a homeowner's assn because I've never had a problem with a lawn debris pickup before.  My alternative was to ask for a mini dumpster, and the office clerk's response was that it would be Monday or Tuesday.  I was surprised and not too happy, so he relented and a dumpster was dropped off within a few minutes.  It's now been hauled away, and I dread doing any more trimming.  I could just throw it over the back fence, which probably wouldn't be the first time that has been done.  But I wouldn't do it.  I really don't care for the office guy who has only been here a month or so.  I prefer the older ladies who used to be at the desk and were much nicer and more personable, and definitely more empathetic.

The temperature began to rise early so I decided to just stay indoors.  I had thought I'd go out to get a few supplies for camping, but that trip can wait.  I'll have to get early starts on any errands for the coming week because we will be solidly in the mid to upper 90's.   No way to get around it - this is Sacramento.

I'm looking forward to the birthday party tomorrow.  I imagine the kids will spend a lot of the time in the pool, including the grown-men kids.


  1. Your question made me go looking for an answer. Found an interesting website - History Learning Site - which had this to say:
    In 1961, Kennedy agreed that America should finance an increase in the size of the South Vietnamese Army from 150,000 to 170,000. He also agreed that an extra 1000 US military advisors should be sent to South Vietnam to help train the South Vietnamese Army. Both of these decisions were not made public as they broke the agreements made at the 1954 Geneva Agreement.

  2. I hear you about trying to get work done outside, it's been in the mid to upper 80's here but with the humidity the heat index is running around 100. If I want or need to get anything done outside it's either early morning (when there's too much dew to mow) or late afternoon when the mosquitoes and no-see-ums come out to play.

  3. NO!!! I remember the 'advisors' too.. and we certainly can't both be wrong :)

  4. Nope, your not wrong about the 'advisor' thing. This is our generation's Vietnam and . . . I better shut-up!

    The birthday party sound like a lot of fun.

  5. Some HOA's can be a pain in the neck We can just throw any cuttings in our trash cans as long as they are cut down enough to fit. That's why I don't have to much stuff growing and took out the tree that was in the yard.

    We hit 109 again today. I'll take your 90 degree weather any day

  6. I don't like being told what to do either by the code folk ... I had some stuff on my front porch until I decided what to do with it.

    A chair! but it was an INSIDE chair... and ... can't remember but she wrote me a warning letter stating only outdoor furniture can be outside ... ON MY PORCH???

    jumping jeeeeeeeeez ~ this was the City of Little Rock .. not an HOA thing... man

    Birthday party sounds like great fun! and war is hell ... and I don't like it ... but what the hell can we do? all those lives lost for ??? WMDs?

    don't get me started ... sigh

  7. Boy, you can tell my dander was getting up; I didn't proof read!

    "you're" not "your", sorry!

  8. HOA's can be a pain in the rear end. Thankfully mother does not have one. I trimmed some pesky mesquite trees by the fence with Walter because I got tired of getting snagged. Then I just dumped them in my burn pile that has not be burnt in years!