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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Oh My, What Happened?

After adding a little jog to the walk I did yesterday my legs felt a little sore but I figured like all other pains when I exercise hard, it would go away by the next morning, but my legs hurt from the knees to the ankles and it seems to be getting worse.   I had thought I would go to the gym this evening but will wait until tomorrow.  I guess I found some muscles that I normally don't exercise.  I'm still planning to walk a couple of days a week at least, plus jog part of it.  No pain, no gain as they say.

Today was a Costco day and I went wild with all the fresh fruit grown in California.  I didn't get to the farmers mkt this morning, but recall that one of the farmers had told me they had a really reduced crop of cherries this year due to the drought.  Costco had fresh CA cherries, but they were probably double the cost of last year.  No matter what they cost, I love them and will buy them.  Maybe by the time we get cherries from Oregon and Washington the price will have gone down, but I really don't know if the lack of rain has been a problem for those states.

I can't believe it is nearly June.  Two of my grandkids have birthdays this month, and my grandson in NY had asked me if I would be there for his birthday this year.   I feel so bad that I have to miss it, but there are too many other demands on my money this year leaving very little for travel.  By next year I hope to be rejuvenated to the extent that I can get in the car and drive east, seeing old favorite places along the way.


  1. IF your pain is in your muscles it is just as you said - you are working things you don't usually work when at the gym. Jogging will do that. IF your pain is in your joints, knee or ankle, then you do not have proper running shoes which are not the same, unfortunately, as walking shoes.

    I'm feeling sorry for your NY grandson. I'd like to have you at my birthday too.

  2. I've been checking for cherries for weeks now, but haven't found any good ones for reasonable prices. I guess your explanation answers my question about why I can't find any. I, too, will pay a lot for them, but I have my limits. I remember in San Diego I used to go weekly to Costco and get a big container each time, and they were so sweet and delicious and juicy. That's what I want now! So good. Hopefully we'll get some in later.

  3. I too have 2 grand kids with birthdays this month and my daughter and a very good friend. Big money month as I also have and eye apt. I'll never get out of this heat at this rate.

    Maybe if you decided to jog a bit stop and stretch your legs even if you have done some walking first.

  4. I like Sherry's explanation, it makes sense.

    My mother likes cherries but I have not seen them at our only grocery store in town, after reading this post I now know why.

  5. When I jogged a few steps in my Soloman's (that are pretty worn out) a couple of weeks ago I also got shin pains (shin splints?). I went back to my 'barefoot' shoes for walking and the pains went away. I'm a believer in the barefoot shoes. I'll probably switch to my 5-Fingers for my walk/jobs as they have more traction, but I can still 'feel' the ground/treadmill.

  6. 'Seeing old favorite places along the way'.

    As much as I enjoy seeing new places I too enjoy seeing old favorite places along the way as well. Always a nice feeling to see & remember old memories.

  7. hiss on new pains! but love the beautiful fruit you have access to... I haven't found a farmer's market yet ... but the supermarkets still carrying stuff from states away instead here and Florida is a couple hours away but .. aw nevermind... I want locally grown stuff and PEACHES are coming now!

    found an orchard ... going to go

  8. Google "Clothespin art".

    Here is just one result.