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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My frustrations started first thing when I went to a local credit union to withdraw cash from their ATM.  My credit union is not affiliated with this one, and they charged me $2.50.  It would have been a 16 mile roundtrip to drive to the one I usually use and I just didn't feel like facing the traffic or driving that far.

I then went to Target to pick up styrofoam and plastic cups for camping, and looked for a pair of shorts I could wear.  I have a lot of capris but few shorts.  This is the year for short shorts, and I'm just plain too old to wear them.  When my kids and I look at old pictures from the 70's and 80's we fall on the floor laughing at the shorts everyone wore.   I ended up trying on a pair of shorts in the gym-wear section that had a 7" inseam, and bought them.  A 9" inseam would be perfect, but I probably would never find any just a bit longer.  I have a pair of knee length stretchy gym pants and just want a change of clothes now and then  while it's too warm to wear the long pants.

It was beginning to get hot - going up to 97 today - so I just came back home.  I'd like to start taking things out to the car, but if I pack it a little at a time I'll forget what I've already put in, or things won't fit right.   What I need is one of my kids to stop by as they are all experts in packing anything efficiently, and I love to watch them working at it.  They inherited that trait from their dad.

Target has become one of the most overpriced stores around, in my opinion.  They have many of their garden section products on sale and everything is still too high.  I have been looking for ages for a bird feeder that is cheap - I want cheap because I've never had a bird feeder that the squirrels didn't ruin.

I just made the mistake of looking at the 10 day weather forecast - from Sunday on (the day we come back from the mountains) the temps will be  102-104 for the next 5 days.  I can only get a 10 day forecast so I can't tell when it will cool off a bit.   This is awful, but I would bet that readers from the Phoenix area have it worse.  If this is what we have to look forward to from now on I may need to find a cooler place to live in the summer.


  1. It is summer time, so I guess it is suppose to be hot. It is here in East Texas. Try and keep your cool.

  2. I'd say YES Ma'm to your needing a cooler place in the summer if temps hang around 95 to 100+.

    You guys could get stainless steel drink containers that will keep things hot or cold and save the money and the landfill on the plastic and styrofoam.

  3. If you will be in those temps can you imagine what it will be here. :(

    Maybe you can stay out camping a few extra days even though the rest of the family will be leaving.

    I refuse to shop at Target. I guess we all have our favorites.

  4. Hey Mom,
    Sorry, I can't pack for you... I don't get back from the coast until Thursday night. But Meg and I are thinking of staying until Monday if the weathers nice. So you are welcome to stay with us. And as for a cooler place in the summer, I'm on the Mendocino coast and it's amazing. High 60's low 70's. There are many of vacant campgrounds along highway 1. You may want to consider a weekday road trip! See ya Friday, love Steve

  5. We always get extra cash when we go to Walmart - bet Target does the same thing and then you don't have to use an ATM machine. But then Target had all their cards info compromised so you run that risk. We just can't win. I think most of the country is going to be hot this summer. We aren't there yet but I bet when it does warm up even here will be hot and it's going to stay hot late into September. That's my prediction. Hope I'm wrong.

  6. I do not much care for ATM cards so I cut them up when they issue them to me.

    I am not one to carry cash on me either...yes I know I am strange!

    I would much prefer to use a credit card or write a check even if it is for a dollar (this would drive my dad nuts) so I have a record of where my money goes.

    With that said mother does have a debit card and she gets cash when we pay for something at HEB, Walmart or practically anywhere but Stripes (they do not allow it).

  7. Getting out of town to escape the summer heat . . . good plan. Could you car/tent camp for several weeks at a time interspersed with a night here and there in a motel to really rest up?

    I was about to talk about GrandView campground, but in going to the site, I was stunned to find this:


    Whoa! That sort of set me back a notch.

    Virtual hugs,