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Sunday, March 30, 2014


I took pictures of the hummer through the sliding door, and I wish I could have gotten closer.  If I just sit in a chair on the porch and wait they may get used to me and ignore my presence.  (Click on the pictures to enlarge.)

Everyone enjoyed the pizza, beer, and karaoke.

The last two photos shows the DJ who loves to sing a song to Arianna whenever we are there for the karaoke.  She is super shy, but her Daddy will protect her from all danger!

This is one of the most fun family places I've ever been.  Nothing fancy, but lots of families and kids everywhere you look. 

I really enjoyed the beer, as I knew I would, but I paid the price all night long.  I think I was up making a bathroom trip every hour on the hour.  I don't know that the drink is worth it, although it sure tasted good.  I'll be tee-totaling it for a while now.    


  1. Boy howdy, that was fun. An' the pizza was good too. My kind of place. You a lucky woman to be treated so well. I'm jealous.

  2. Looks like you had a great night, pizza, & Beer with family, Glad you enjoyed the beer, Ben Franklin said it was proof God loved us. Sam & Donna...

  3. Those are GREAT Hummer photos you took. Yes, Hummingbirds will let you move much closer. Takes a little patience.

  4. You got better hummer pictures than I did. Love them. Beer or sleep? That seems to be the question.

  5. nice pictures! I don't have gall bladder problems but I tell you pizza and beer would keep me awake burping along all night long ... lol

    We're getting old Gypsy.. I LOVE cheese and grease and used to love beer .. but oh, baruther...

    BUT you had a great time ...

  6. Nice job on the gunners. They are so much fun to watch. Anyone in your group sing at karaoke??

    1. Ha!! Gunners, make it hummers. Why DO I ever comment on my phone???

  7. Good pictures of the hummers. Yes if you start to sit out there they will get used to you. You will have to move really slow to get a picture.

    Looks like a great family night out. what fun

  8. Would love to have hummers come to my porch but there do not seem to be many in this area.

    Nice pictures. Why does it seem like when they take some food or drink away one seems to crave them more?

    No pizza or beer for me for a while until my cholesterol levels go down :-(