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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Welcome rain

Although I feel differently when it rains I know we need it desperately so I'm glad it's been raining off and on.  Right now an ominous dark cloud is hovering overhead but I can see the clearing further to the west.  

I just haven't been energetic at all today - didn't get dressed and went back to bed after lunch.  I will be so glad to get this surgery over with although I wonder about the recovery period.

In deciding that I couldn't travel anywhere this year I completely forgot that I have to go to South Dakota to renew my drivers license before November.  I think I can get it renewed up to 180 days prior so I won't have to deal with SD in November.  I don't know whether to fly or to drive, and if I drive then which office would be the best to get the license.  I'd like to go to one of the smaller towns such as Mobridge rather than someplace like Rapid City, but if I fly then it will be into Sioux Falls.  

This is a note to "Sunny Smiles" who left a comment on yesterday's post.  Sunny, you mentioned you have a blog of your own, and I'd like to read it if you would pass along the website.  Thanks.

I'm hoping to have a better day tomorrow.

Oh crap!  About 5 minutes after I published this post we've been issued a tornado warning.


  1. Let us know you are ok with the tornado warning and what you did to protect yourself.

  2. Dang, a warning means they spotted one, whereas a watch means there could be one. Like J.L. said, let us know that you are OK.

  3. Sure hope the tornado didn't happen.
    Be safe. We had horrible winds here this afternoon I was waiting for some kind of damage but it passed.

  4. To find Sunny's blog click on her name. It will take you right to it.

  5. We are all waiting to hear that you are okay. If I were you, I'd just fly in Sioux Falls, get the license, spend the night and head back the next day. Ours aren't due until next year.