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Monday, March 24, 2014


At 5 yrs of age I entered 1st grade in Sep. 1946.  All through grade school I was very good in arithmetic, and still usually do the math in my head, and then check my figures on paper if it's important to me.  The only time I use a calculator is to figure the fuel cost of a trip - miles / estimated mileage x estimated cost of fuel per gallon. 

But I really wish I had paid more attention in high school math classes - algebra and geometry.  I barely passed these classes, which probably has more to do with my state of mind and the anguish of being in high school, than with my innate intelligence.  I hated high school!  The same with science - as freshmen we had to take physical science which turned out to be biology, taught by the most boring and uninspiring teacher in the school.

When I worked for the COE as a management analyst, my job involved correlation and regression analysis, so I took an Army course plus a college class in algebra, and I loved it.  Was pretty good at it too.

Where am I going with this?  I have been glued to the TV as many people no doubt are, watching the unfolding of the search for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight. I just wish I could wrap my head around the math regarding air speeds and locations arrived at by radar pings and Inmarstat, etc.  Why was I so sure in high school that I would never ever need to use algebra or geometry in real life?

Speaking of the Malaysian airliner fate, it looks like technology has trumped over decency and good taste.  The families were notified BY TEXT MESSAGE??? of the fate of their loved ones.

I bought myself a gallon of vanilla ice cream this morning plus some chocolate syrup, but forgot the whipped cream.  It will be tasty anyway.

Yesterday was "walk 3 miles day", and tonight is "work out at the gym evening".  I probably can't make anything worse, but I'll try to avoid anything too strenuous.

I should go out and check the weed situation, but it hurts to lean over and pull them.   


  1. Can you get Blue Bell ice cream out your way. I think it is the best in the world, especially their chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

  2. I don't think the weed police will go for your excuse. ;)

  3. You and Jim and ice cream. I'm really trying to keep him away from it because his doctor isn't happy with him. But it just about kills him. I was terrible at math. Geometry almost did me in. So I'll just leave all the figuring up to you.

  4. David is a statistician and can't add or subtract. Those guys only used calculators. I'm like you do the math in my head. It's sad that I think a lot of HS students don't make the most of their educations because they are too young to understand how interesting it is and how important it may be. High school was the pits.

  5. I keep telling you to spray then all you have to do is take a broom handle and not the over. I saw my neighbor do this today. LOL Me I let the wind blow them away once they die.

  6. how we do differ... I am sick to death of hearing all the speculation.... their showing the anguished faces of the relatives .. horrible

    I can't grab my remote fast enough. We all want them found ... be remarkable if they were safe, wouldn't it?

    there was a .... jeeeeez what was that show... with the Hal computer? dang! CRS ... this guy was sent ahead to the future ... the computers went out and no one could do anything without their calculators and such..

    He was incredulous! ... He added and subtracted and multiplied and divided and gathered quite a crowd! He was hero!

    Hahaaaa... what was this show... jumping jeeeeeeez now I'll be up trying to remember ...

    I also make myself do my everyday ciphering ... without a calculator.

    could not stand Algebra ... liked geometry and I liked school ... except when I had to get up to go... never did like getting up in the mornings and HAVING to go somewhere... especially on Mondays… hiss on Mondays.

    hiss on weeds too … kill em dead! ... want me to send this damn cat of mine? she'll kill whatever ... well, maybe not weeds. that'd be a good thing... !