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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I was fasting this morning so got myself ready to leave for the lab in very short order.  The waiting room was crowded - usually I go in the middle of the day and get in within 5 or 10 min.  But once they take you back it goes quickly - 3 vials of blood doesn't take long!

I watched Keira today as Joe is attending a Respiratory Conference at Lake Tahoe (what a location!) until Friday, so he dropped her off and Sarah just picked her up.  I asked him if he was taking his snowboard, and he said "I wish".

Here is a pic I snapped of Keira.  The two small notebooks with doggie pictures on the cover are sitting on the table, and note that the rings are on the right side.  I kept flipping the books over because in my mind the front cover has the rings on the left.  She kept flipping them back and then I realized she is a "leftie"!  When I showed her the picture she immediately noticed that she put on mis-matched socks this morning.  Three year olds are so much fun.

I tried to take the picture quickly before she noticed, and it isn't the best quality.  Click to enlarge.  The old area rug in the background isn't supposed to be there, but one day when the rain was blowing every which way I found a lot of water under the swamp cooler vent.  I left the rugs there ever since because I know we will have more rain.

I made an appointment to see my doctor on Friday about the hernia - man, is it ever enlarging fast.  I still don't think they often do surgery on umbilical hernias so I'm hoping I can avoid it.  Under no circumstances do I want to be anything other than an out-patient.  I hate hospitals and can't eat while I'm there, which led to my exaggerated weight loss a few weeks ago.  On my way to the gym this evening I'm planning to stop at a Rite Aid and get a wide ace bandage; if it holds it in and I am comfortable, then I've solved my problem!  This thing doesn't hurt by the way.

It has been overcast all day, but we might have sun for the next 3 days.  Even with a shower now and then I want to see the sun.  But then we go back to rain.  I don't know why the "experts" are saying that all this rain and snow doesn't help with the drought conditions, but maybe it prevents an even worse drought.  Flowering trees are in bloom everywhere and weeds are growing like crazy.

Thanks to Jo for the comment mentioning Spectricide.  I think I will get some tomorrow and try it out.  Last year I used Roundup, and then a homemade mixture of vinegar & salt, and I think the weeds are worse than ever.  That's going to be a lot of backbreaking work, and the park police start their lot inspections around April 1st.  It seems like they just finished - I didn't do half the stuff on their list!


  1. I got three vials of blood drawn today, too. Next week is my appointment with the blood doc. He tell me I have leukemia and if I don't die first of old age, it will kill me. First, however, he will remove my spleen. I think I will keep it. That will not cure it, it is cancer of the bone marrow.

  2. Good luck with the blood test results. I really know nothing about hernias - Jim hasn't had one of those yet - but I'm sure glad to hear it doesn't hurt. Keira is so cute and it's funny that she noticed the socks in the picture but not when she was putting them on. Must not be a morning child.

  3. Sorry, I posted this on yesterday's blog.

    This is what I found. Good luck.


  4. Watching the kids is always a fun way to spend the day:)

  5. Keira sure is a sweet child. I have a leftie daughter.

    The weed sprayer is battery powered and comes with the batterie in the 2gl. size love it.

  6. Can you talk to someone at the gym and find out if there are exercises to avoid that may be making the hernia bigger? I think you can get a "girdle" for the hernia at a medical supply store.

  7. Yard police just make me laugh. Guess it's not so funny when the give you a ticket.

  8. Keira is so pretty ... what fun and indeed three year olds are really something ... curious little rascals... can't believe Adelle is four and almost five!

    bummer on the hernia ... I'm with you on hating hospitals... !

  9. Without knowing anything about your hernia, I have heard of "strangulating hernias" that can be fatal, and wonder if at least having a medical person look at it might be a prudent thing to do.

    Virtual hugs,