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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Another day in my pj's

It's after 7 pm and I'm ready for bed since I never got dressed this morning!  I have no motivation and am somewhat anxious about my surgery, one week from today.  Also on Thursday this week I will get the 2nd root canal finished.  That will be it for dental work for a while until I'm feeling better.  I am actually not feeling bad physically, but emotionally and mentally I'm a nervous wreck.

The rain that started yesterday evening and lasted all night and all day has been brutal.  I am so happy there is moisture being absorbed into the ground, as well as snow piling up in the mountains.  But I am sick of the rain!  It has also been cold all day and I haven't moved far from my little heater.  I'm still going to have a bowl of ice cream pretty soon, and will just turn the heater up to HIGH.



  1. Heat and ice cream - okay - warm the outside and freeze the inside. Works for me. I'm also sure that all the rain and dreary days don't help how you feel emotionally especially. I'm sorry you're having such a tough time but hopefully this surgery will go so much better than the last one. Try to hang in there and soon this will be over and done with.

  2. It is normal for you to be anxious about your upcoming surgery. If that weren't enough you also have dental work to be completed.

    Every now and then we all have days when we don't get out of our PJ's.