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Friday, March 21, 2014

Surgery Date Set

My hernia surgery will take place on April 8; outpatient but with a general anesthetic.

The doctor didn't think that exercise was responsible - he said it was weak tissue.  I asked him if that was due to my age and he agreed that tissue weakens with age.  I can still work out prior to surgery (although I will definitely be less strenuous) and it sounds like a 6 wk post op where I can't lift anything over a certain amount, so I'll just have to be less active at that time.

I think by June (when Lassen opens) I can do some car camping, and possibly light backpacking later on in the summer.  It's almost too hot by then, but maybe I can find some trails that are in the forest.  It will just depend on how I feel and the state of my recovery, and I know better than to "push it".

The first thing that happened after I checked in is that a nurse put me on a scale - I weighed in at 120.3!!!   I haven't weighed 120 for so long and I'm thrilled.  Now for 10, maybe even 15 more pounds, although it might be more difficult during the time around my surgery.  Damn, I'm feeling good!

It is sunny and in the upper 70's, where it will stay until next Tuesday when we might have rain.  We desperately need the rain, but in the meantime I sure do love days like these.



  1. Great news about your weight! Also, it's good that you have a date set for surgery. Easier to look forward when you have a plan in place. Hopefully the future will continue to look brighter. Am looking forward to going with you on those backpacking trips!

  2. It seems you're more comfortable now with a plan in place. I would be too.

  3. Good luck with your surgery and knowing you, you will be able to go camping as planned, although you may need to take it easy for awhile.

  4. Harry had hernia surgery last year the last week of May. He was pretty uncomfortable, of course, for a few days. But within the week he was getting around really well, and by July he was pretty much feeling back to his old self. The hardest part was remembering the weight restrictions for lifting once he felt better!!

  5. Congrats on your weight gain. That is really incredible for you. And feeling so good will really help you with the surgery. And you're smart enough not to push yourself so you should be ready to go later in the summer;.

  6. Congrats on the surgery date and the weight gain. This doctor sure was a lot easier to work with than your last one it appears.

  7. Well at least you will be able to do some light hiking by June. Just being out in the trees should make it all better.

    Nice job on the weight gain

  8. Great, get in and get it over with so you can go on with life feeling good.... As an outpatient you shouldn't loose too much of your weight gain either...