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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New tent

I figured I'd better try setting my new tent up this afternon since I'll be going to the class at REI in a few hours, and if I had a big problem with the tent I could return it at that time.  I set it up on the driveway and it took me about 3 minutes.  That's just for the tent though, and the fly would take another minute or two, and would need to be staked.  In the following picture you can see the door on the long side of the tent, which will make getting in and out much easier.  When the fly goes on the tent two pieces of it zip down the side and get staked, making a triangular shaped vestibule where I can cook in rainy weather, store my pack and any other gear.  (Click to enlarge photos.)

I always kept mine and Smoky's packs inside the tent at the very back end.  I will have plenty of room for the pack, even if I should get another dog to hike with (not likely).  This about 3# lighter than the tent it's replacing, the one I posted many pictures of from my trip last year.  I think I will like this one, and I hope I can use it soon to see how it works in practice.

My doctor has put a "reference" in for me to see a specialist, and I will be called about an appointment, tomorrow I hope.

I'm slowly working on the weeds and have made good progress in the back, but the side will be a little more difficult.  There is a house a few doors down where they tore out any lawn that had been there - it's a corner lot so has nice space - and put down artificial turf!  The first year I lived here I thought it was crazy, but I am getting to see the benefits.  They have a nice patio set with umbrella, and when I used to walk Lady and stopped to chat - they would be sitting under the umbrella sipping their drinks!  My back yard is unusable, but it would feel very closed in no matter what I did with it.

I still haven't figured out which route I should take to get to REI.  The class is at 7pm, and no matter how I look at it I am going to run into a lot of traffic.  I wish I could figure out what to eat before I leave, but I'm simply not hungry.


  1. That tent seems to be quite open to the air. At least you will not feel closed in when you use it. You will be able to see the bear that wants your food (grin).

  2. YOu're going for a tent you can't stand up in for backpacking purposes?

    man... that would kill me... the only complaint I have about Homer is the inability to stand up. BUt then I don't hike to places to camp.

    I think you know I've been looking at them as an extra room for Homer. I found one I really like ... its supposed to pop up less than 60 seconds ... ha!

    Really thinking about getting this guy.


  3. Your tent looks great. I have one similar to it and love it. I don't put the rain fly on unless it is really cold or raining. I love being able to open my eyes and look at the stars.

  4. Nice tent. Hope you enjoy some outings soon and some hiking.

  5. The tent looks good. Hope if meets your expectations and is easy to set-up in the camp. Camping season will be here soon enough. Take care.

  6. Great-looking tent & nice that set-up time is so short! I loved having a vestibule for cooking & sheltering when going in & out of tent. Hope you enjoyed your class--which one did you take?

  7. That looks like a really nice tent. My son uses a small tent like that when he does Indian Guides and Indian Princesses camping trips with his kids. He said it pops right up and is super easy. It looks like yours has what Tom called a "hard door." You only have to open and close it, no zipper. I really liked that convenience, it's new since my last tent camping experience. I hope it works well for you - and I can't wait to hear about the REI class! :)

  8. Love the new tent. It sure wouldn't be for me but I'm looking forward to seeing where you get to set it up out in the wild. Good luck with your class.

  9. Nice looking tent.

    The only problem with tents is that they take a lot longer to stake down than to set up but manufacturers seem to leave out this small detail.

    I am so looking forward to you using it sometime soon.