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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Haven't gotten much done today except I did watch the library DVD's on Yellowstone and the Tetons.  Of the two parks there is something about the Tetons that draws me in.  Yellowstone has plenty of beauty but I'm not crazy about the geothermal attractions.  I've seen the ones at Lassen a couple of times and while they are interesting I don't really care for them.

My doctor put in the order for blood tests, but I will have to  be fasting for them.  I should try for it tomorrow and then get an appointment to see her on Friday if one is available.  The hernia is getting bigger.  I tried to find out online if I could just wrap an ace bandage around my middle to hold it in when I'm active, but can't really find a definitive answer.  I don't think they do surgery for umbilical hernias unless there is a lot of pain involved.  I have some discomfort, but not pain.  After all I've been through, why does this have to happen to me!  It isn't going to keep me from doing what I want to do.

I'm watching one of my granddaughters tomorrow afternoon for about 3 hrs.  I bought some new coloring books, a cute notebook for each kid, some small clipboards (they all love clipboards!), but I have hidden the markers & Sharpies.  I don't buy the washable kind and no matter how careful they try to be the ink always gets on something.

I notice that the NatGeo channel will be carrying the new and updated re-make of Carl Sagan's Cosmos series.  I'm looking forward to that as I remember watching Sagan when he presented the original series.  I wish they had done it on public tv though, because any of the other channels devote almost as much time to commercials as they do to their programming.

It must be a bit warmer today because I don't have to run my little heater whenever I sit down, but it doesn't feel all that much warmer outside.  Looks like we will have rain tomorrow again, and then maybe a couple of days with sunshine before the rains fall on the weekend.  I don't like wishing even a few days of my remaining life away, but I think I will enjoy and welcome April!  



  1. Mother wore a girdle for years until she had surgery to fix her umbilical hernia. Supporting your stomach wall makes sense if you are going to do any lifting or straining.

  2. we got up to 58!!! today, almost balmy out there, took the dogs for a nice walk. good to get outside. poked around the yard to see what was going on there and surprise!! stuff is coming up, turning somewhat green.. even have weeds :( HA!!!

  3. Yes the weeds Loree, I knew the rain would nourish them.

    It was one of those days I didn't do much either. Did attend a meeting. Spent lots of time on the computer. It was cloudy this morning and looked like rain but then the sun burned through the clouds.

  4. I would be showing that hernia to one of the Doctors, so you can go get it fixed now... Before it gets bigger and messes up your planned summer of camping and hiking... Just saying....

  5. I agree with Rod. Have fun with your grand--good call on the markers!

  6. Love Tyson's quote: "The good thing about science is that it is true even if you don't believe in it".

    He's not Sagan, but I think he will do a good job. Yes, too bad it isn't on PBS - a big disappointment to us.

    Virtual hugs,


  7. Love Carl Sagan.... what fun ... catching up ~ yay for Ara and oh the g'daughter gig... haha. I had four days with mine and still have my little Charlie ... who's hanging on my arm now as I type... hahaaa... he'll be gone Friday... SNIFF!

  8. Does your exercising in any way affect your hernia?

    Have a good time with your granddaughter and good luck with the tests.

  9. This is what I found. Good luck.