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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


The only thing I've done today was to get a haircut.  So when I got back home I decided to tackle the weeds, pulling the big ones and then using the spray.  I made a dent in the job but still have a long way to go.  When I came inside I needed to wash my hands from whatever spray and weeds I've touched (although I did use gloves most of the time), and I laughed when I remembered how my grandchildren sing the ABC song to make sure they soap up their hands for long enough.  Did you hear me singing?

I looked at the 10-day weather forecast for my area and note that then entire time will be mostly sunny and in the mid to upper 70's.  I wish I knew if this was going to be the norm, if we will soon have a heatwave, or if rain and snow will surprise us before the end of March.

Good workout last night although I did cut it a bit short.  I've decided that when I'm doing any exercise and experience pain I will stop that exercise.  And best of all, I weighed 119#.  Fifteen more would make me ecstatic as well as a little more curvy :-)

I haven't heard from my Dr. today as yet.  She wasn't in the office yesterday so probably only got my msg today.  I hope I hear something soon.


  1. Oh,Gypsy,you crack me up.I am a few years younger than you,live in Dublin Tx.and am also a Grandmother.You inspire me to do the things I know I should be doing for my health.Unlike you,I don't need to gain a few pounds.I tend to be introverted and semi-depressed so your constant cheerfulness and activity are a true inspiration.Thank you.I will be walking more because of you...Good luck with the dr..Vada

  2. Good job on the weeds. Hope you get most of them sprayed or pulled before any rain comes. We are going to have high winds again tomorrow so I guess I play with my new privacy tent in the living room. LOL
    I need to take Fred for a bath and nail trim and then me.

  3. Where is the picture of the new haircut?? Sounds like you did a lot yesterday. Hope the spray keeps them gone. I hate using that chemical stuff.

  4. I do not envy you at all at having to work on those weeds. At least you are getting an early start while they are still not out of control.

    I need to tackle mom's especially since Walter's owner wont let him come graze on our yard anymore :-(