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Sunday, March 9, 2014


I've been excited for the past few weeks about the new Cosmos series which begins this evening at 8pm PDT.  I was surprised today when I was surfing the channels and came across NatGeo's reruns of the original Cosmos series hosted by Carl Sagan. It was breathtaking, and I hope the updated series will be so.  The previews of it indicate there will be a lot of animated stories and explanations, and I hope cutesy animation  doesn't get in the way of my enjoyment of the series.  Of course younger people won't have any problem with it, but I think of animation as cartoons, as that was what was animated in my younger years.  No matter, it will be great to see a serious program based on scientific knowledge as opposed to some of the pseudo scientific programs often shown.

Jeannie and I walked yesterday, just two miles because she had to take Autumn to her indoor soccer game.  But the 2 miles took just a smidgen over half an hour, which is an avg of 4 mph.  I kept up with Jeannie which makes me feel good, although she may have been allowing me to keep up with her!

I set my clocks up an hour last night and went to bed early, but I still feel like I've missed something and I'm tired.  I don't know why we have to go through this period of time warp twice a year, especially when there are differences of opinon on whether it saves energy or not, or whether it is good for us.



  1. I do think animation has come a long way since "Steamboat Willie."

  2. I too was looking forward to this series & now having just watched it tonight must say I enjoyed it thoroughly. Just wished I could watch the whole new Cosmos series in a big I-Max theater. Wow:)) What a welcome breath of fresh air this show is. This has been my way of thinking for many years now & how nice to see what I believe presented so professionally. Bravo Cosmos...Bravo:))

  3. Hope you enjoy your show.

    Time change drove me nuts when I worked since I had to set up conference calls with people all over the country and sometimes also out of country. As you know we don't change and we do all right.

  4. The time change thing is simply ridiculous. I'd have to see some serious facts to imagine it saves us any energy in a country where every person drives their car and some from one end of a parking lot to another and we keep things lit up all light long with mega lights nearly everywhere but very far out in the country and even then people have "barn yard" lights. I just wish they'd be honest about who this benefits. I'd love to see a grass roots movement to just STOP IT and stay with one or the other. Sorry for the rant! This is a serious irritation to me.

  5. Glad you're enjoying your TV ... and I have yet to meet one person in cyberland or in person who likes DST ... no one...

    needs to be put on a voting ballot... a petition? Sherry? you start it ... ;) you on Facebook? lots of petitions on there

    hell maybe I'll start it ... everyone get on Facebook and we'll tell our shit for brains congress to end DST ... they won't do anything else .. so ... hmm well? if we get the POTUS to be against it... they'd pass it... I'm on it... ;)

  6. I read somewhere a quote from a native American that said "Only the white man would cut the end off a blanket, sew it on the other end, and think he had a longer blanket.".

    Virtual hugs,