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Monday, March 10, 2014

Second Day

It's the 2nd day of this year's daylight savings time.  I feel so disoriented I am just sitting around doing not much of anything today.  I wanted to return some books and DVD's to the library, get some cash from the credit union, and maybe visit Barnes & Noble and look at books.

As it is I think I will sit tight for a while.  If Jeannie can go to the gym this evening then that will be the best thing I can do, but in the meantime I can't even think straight.  From experience I know getting adjusted to just one little hour's difference in the time will last me a week.  Ironically, when I drive across the country I change time zones three times each way, and don't have any problem with it in either direction.

I "Cosmos'ed out" yesterday, watching a couple hours of reruns of the old series, and then watched the new one twice!  I like both of them and will try to not compare them as they were done 34 (?) years apart, but I think I prefer the older space ship and don't care for the animation in the newer version.  But of course the producers of the new series will use techniques that are new and available to them today.

After giving it a lot of consideration I sent a msg to my doctor asking her to refer me to a hernia specialist.  After studying up on the problem I find there is absolutely no alternative treatment to surgery; I might go a long time with no problems without the surgery, but on the other hand I could have problems next week.  I'd like to get a specialists' opinion, and then see if it could be scheduled so as not to completely destroy my spring/summer plans.  What a joke that is - the medical people certainly don't care about accommodating anyone's plans.  A lot will depend on the estimated recovery period, and what I can and can't do during that time.  It's just a thought and I'm not sold on surgery right now, but feel I ought to get enough information to give it some consideration.

I bought some weed killer over the weekend and I should start spraying the weeds while the sun is out.  I bought a dispenser that runs on batteries, but when I think about it I don't want to have to read assembly directions to do something like spray weeds.  Why does everything get more complicated as it gets "easier to use".  I'm sure the sprayer will be easier once it's running, but I don't want to have to think about doing anything except pulling the trigger.

Yesterday I decided to update my Mac OX operating system.  Expecting either a hassle in doing the update, or looking at something totally foreign to me, I was surprised at how easy it went and nothing looks different.  I hadn't installed any upgrades for at least a year - which tells you how great the Mac can be when it comes to security.  Today I tried to do the same on my Imax, but evidently the username and password are different for that computer. Since I don't use the computer for much except playing solitaire and storing a whole lot of my pictures and iTunes, I guess it really won't matter all that much.  I'm totally fed up with all the password crap, and have thought more than once about having a master password for everything.

Guess I should give the weed sprayer a try. 


  1. Although it's considered unsafe to use the same password for every thing, I use only one. Never had a problem so far.....bout 10 years or so.

    When it comes to surgery, I'm a sissy....baak baak bakk, or a chicken. Take yer pick.

  2. Be careful with that hernia, they can strangulate the intestines, so if you feel a larger bump, get to the ER.

  3. bummer on the hernia ... Joe lived with his for 20 years before doing anything ... he had day surgery last year.

    I can't see why DST would bother a retired person. I don't like it but I still get up when I get up and go to bed when I go to bed.

    Remember you can record your TV show ... the series and watch it at any time.

    I haven't noticed the time change at all mentally or physically but then I don't do a damn thing. makes me glad I don't because I do remember hating losing an hour's sleep.

  4. I'm with you all the way on the time change messing me up. Even though I'm not working, I'm tired earlier and then I wake up in the dark and it's all very disorienting. Good idea to at least get the information from a specialist on the hernia.

  5. I think I'm finally getting used to the time changes I experience in my travels.

    Last week I was in California on standard time, and Saturday night we changed to daylight savings time. The next day I drove to Arizona and stayed there for two days - no daylight savings time there. Yesterday I landed in New Mexico - Mountain Time. I still don't have all the clocks set, but I think all-in-all we are one hour ahead. :))

    But I'm happy to be retired. Katie and I just sleep until we wake up and go to bed when we're tired. Not having a schedule to keep every day makes a big difference for me.