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Friday, October 28, 2011

Work in progress

Joe came by late this morning to check out the flooring, and put the underlayment down in the small bedroom after we emptied it of all the boxes and junk. Now the boxes and junk are all stacked in my living room, but I can live with it temporarily. He and Donald returned this evening and started laying the flooring, and will be back tomorrow to work on finishing that room plus my bedroom.

The first picture is more representative of the wall color, and I don't know why it looks yellow in the later pictures.

You can see that I still have painting work to do in that room - closet sliding doors and drawers, plus to finish the basic closet front. I started painting the drawers in my bedroom and I think everything is going to go together so well when it's all finished, whenever that will be.


  1. The yellow is either a flash or the sun, it can be corrected in Picassa, looks like you are making great progress, please don't overdue it.We want you to be safe out there, Sam & Donna...

  2. Your going to have a nice smooth floor there and will be able to roller skate around your rig:))

  3. Beautiful looking floor. It's coming together nicely so hang in there. It will all get done.

  4. The floor is going to make such a big difference in your home. I will make the fooms look bigger. Like your choice of color for the walls. Yes it is coming together. Enjoy

  5. My 2 fav colors, green and yellow. Also love the floor.
    Thx for the pics.

  6. PS,,,i use windows live photo, and u can adjust the exposure on it, too.

  7. Oh those floors are gonna be sooo nice! And getting rid of the old smokey carpeting is great for your health. He is doing a wonderful job for you!
    Karen and Steve
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