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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The bedroom is painted

Tomorrow I will decide if I want to add a 2nd coat on the walls. I let the ceiling go with just one coat (plus the primer, of course). I will probably regret it, as I will be the one most likely to be looking up at the ceiling! I've used slightly over half a can to cover the walls, so I will probably slap a 2nd coat on the walls that are most likely to be noticed. I'm tired of painting.

The rain we've had off and on sort of has me worried. I'm worried about leaks, and will probably not be able to let it rest until I get someone to come out and look at the roof. This is just too much like having an RV to worry about. Although it would be nice to have a washing machine of my own, I'm seriously thinking about demolishing that small room that was added on between the two extended rooms. The extended rooms are like permanently slid slide outs. The room is wired, and of course is plumbed for the washer, but I guess that isn't too difficult to get rid of. The roof was extended flat out from the main roof, with no allowance for run-off. It was an ongoing problem for Yvonne, and her son told me he had coated it about every two years which seemed to work.

Looking out my front double sliding doors, I see the beautiful western sky at sunset, with palm trees towering over all the houses and the other trees. Lady loves to look out those doors during the day. She is so curious about everything, she could tell some stories if she could talk, because she notices everyone and everything!

Speaking of Lady, her fur is shedding something awful and she looks so shaggy. The weather forecast is for an early and cooler winter this year, but maybe her fur growing mechanism knows about a late heat wave? I sure hope not. I take her brush when we go walking out on the trail behind the Park, and I pull out big loose clumps and brush like crazy. It's all over the field now!

My TV was installed today and I couldn't find anything interesting to watch just now. Maybe later this evening. There are so many channels it is annoying to have to scroll through the guide, but I'm not familiar yet with the numbers to be able to find what I want any other way besides scrolling. The gentleman who installed it was so informative and patient. He explained in detail about the remote. Don't laugh, but back when I had TV there were way fewer channels available to me even though I had cable TV. This is definitely overkill for me, but I need the package I got in order to see the few channels I like.

Thankfully I will have clean rugs tomorrow. I've just about decided to put laminate flooring in my bedroom, and it's too bad I can't get it done before Saturday when the furniture is being moved in. I reserved a uHaul truck, and contrary to my own nature of getting an early start, I reserved it for 12:00 Noon knowing that my "help" doesn't get started until later. I know Donald would help me no matter what time I asked him, but I hope it will be easier for him this way. Plus, I have the truck for 6 hrs. and I believe the place closes at 7:00 pm, so we'll be sure to get it back in time. My daughter can usually be counted on but she had dental surgery yesterday in preparation for dental implants. I didn't realize what a long drawn-out process it is, but I don't think it will be completed for a complete year. She's having a difficult time now from the surgery, so I don't want her to overdo.

I'm actually looking forward to my own surgery next Tuesday - I want to get it done and get started towards decent vision in both eyes, plus I just need a rest. I'll be climbing the walls wanting something to do while I'm resting, but I certainly need it at this point. I have too many jobs ahead of me with this house, but I can look forward to completing them one by one.


  1. One step at a time is the only way. Then suddenly you look back and it's done!

  2. Your pictures of the sun sets are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Get rid of all the channels you will never watch: cartoons, spanish language, shopping channels. Sports? Then your schedule will be much shorter, and you can move up and down a lot easier. You have to go to settings, and disable the ones you will never watch.

  4. Know what you mean by all those un-needed and unwanted TV channels. What a valuable waste of resources to produce and put all that junk on television. Typical example of 'Quanity not Quality'. Painting can become tedious pretty quickly so always important to take those paint breaks outside away from the fumes. Isn't it nice to have the creative side of the brain in gear again:))

  5. Love the pictures today. When you are recovering from your eye surgery, a couple of stations I like are National Geographic and the History channel. Most of the time just hearing them is a treat. Can't wait to see your home all done.

  6. Boy that's some great view you have. Definitely worth the house "work".

  7. If you have DISH TV, I can help you solve that problem.

  8. When you get antsy after your surgery on Tuesday I'm going to remind you of what you said in this one about needing the rest. I'm with you and TV. I only watch about four channels so that's why we only use the antenna.

  9. What beautiful photos! The really tall palm trees remind me of the view from my patio door in my condo in San Diego. I used to love looking out that window.

    I used to have basic cable and that is all I needed. There are a couple of channels I would have liked, but I never wanted to pay for a whole package just to get a couple of channels.

    My antenna is what I have now, and it's usually just right. :)