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Monday, October 17, 2011


Timing is everything, and it wasn't the right time last week for me to have eye surgery. I have become aware over the past couple of days that I need to see an oral surgeon and have a couple more molars pulled. I found a doctor nearby and have an appointment tomorrow, and I hope everything goes well. I hate to have to go through this as I only want to focus on one thing at a time, but it is very necessary and I hope the recovery will be as quick as it was in New York.

This morning I went to Home Depot and bought and paid for the laminate flooring. It was on sale and I didn't want to miss the sale price, but I'm going to need help bringing it home. I had originally arranged to meet Donald there tomorrow to pick it up, but will have to wait a few days until after my dental work. Damn, there is always something, and I am thankful it always works out for the best, but I wish I would get a little clue in advance.

I washed all the bed linens this morning since I was worried about the dust in the room from pulling up the carpet. I hung everything on the line, and remembered how tranquil the feeling of hanging the wash, piece by piece, and then taking it down and folding it. When my babies were young our electric dryer went out sometime in early spring, so I hung everything on the line until the weather got too cool in late fall. In those days I had cloth diapers to contend with. The hanging up and taking down of the wash had such a calming effect, and of course all the neighbors whose backyards converged were doing the same thing, so there was companionship as well.

Maintenance came by at 8:00 am with the dumpster, and I would have sworn it would have taken two loads to get it all in. They even agreed to come back and get the dumpster and to bring it back again. I got every bit of carpet, padding, and wooden strips with all the little nails into one dumpster load. One of the men even helped me lift the last two pieces of carpet for which I was so glad - it was really too heavy for me to be lifting over my head. And I'm so glad we had removed the carpet in smaller sections that were easier to handle.

Three more boxes were emptied today and I think I have about 12 to go. That's not bad out of more than 40 boxes. Never did get my clothes organized, but I can do that tomorrow afternoon if I'm feeling up to it. I'm itching to get back to painting. How is that for a switch - "hitch itch" to "itching to paint". At least it tells me I'm still alive and want to be doing something.


  1. Nesting is nesting.

    You are building a new home space.

  2. I used to love to hang the clothes on the line. They always had such a fresh smell. WhenI tell my grandkids about cloth diapers they cringe. LOL
    Hope all goes well at the dentist

  3. Hope everything comes out all right. :)

  4. Mercy! Take it easy,,, lol. My motto, if u can't do it today, u can do it tomorrow.... or,,,the next day,,and so on. Having teeth pulled is hard on u, so do take it easy. But still, i do know the feeling of a new home, wanting to get it in order, etc.

  5. I too used cloth diapers and am happy to say that my niece does as well. Loved to hang clothes out. One of the things I miss on the road. There are very few but gardening and hanging clothes out are two of them.


  6. Yup.. we used cloth diapers too and my kids never had a diaper rash!

    Sounds like you are getting settled, and great idea to cut the carpet into smaller more manageable pieces. I bet your new flooring will look GREAT~!