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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Things are looking up

I wouldn't have said that this morning, however. When Donald and I went to Home Depot two evenings ago they couldn't find the order I had bought and paid for. There was a lot of scrambling going on, and the woman at the desk was very helpful in calling around to try to find another store that could let them have their stock. Unfortunately, most places had nearly sold out of it, but she did find a store that had 21 boxes on hand. They were going to get it yesterday and promised to call me.

I still hadn't heard anything by this morning, so I went to HD intending to cancel the order, get my money back, and go buy the same thing at Lowes. As soon as I walked up to the desk the women behind the counter recognized my situation and assured me they had the stock all along. Someone had evidently placed the 21 boxes on the high shelf above the display, sideways so that the stock ticket didn't show. Does that sound plausible? I'm not sure, but the woman sounded sincere and I certainly hope a woman wouldn't stand there and tell me a bald-faced lie.

I told her I was driving a Highlander and would try to get as much loaded in the back of it as I could, but that I would probably have problems unloading it at home so it might take me a while to come back for more. She immediately told me that they were going to deliver the order to my house because of the problems I have endured. That was right nice of them, and I accepted. A few hours later a very pleasant, very young man offloaded all 21 boxes of flooring, which weigh approx. 30# each. He carried them in two at a time and stacked them neatly. I would have died trying to get them out of the car, much less up the four or so steps and into the house.

I never could understand how their inventory system would allow them to sell the same product twice without question. I was very angry that these kinds of things seem to be happening to me constantly - I hurry up and wait. Of course, I'm not the only one who has to hurry up and wait - it seems like one after another RVer is reporting similar situations where they are promised one thing and then it falls through or is delayed. But I have my flooring on hand now and I'm hoping Joe and Donald can start on the bedrooms this weekend. That will greatly contribute to my being able to get some order out of the chaos in those rooms.

I finished the walls and ceiling of the second bedroom today and it is going to look beautiful. I picked a perfect color, a warm light green called "Water Sprout". Where do they come up with these names? It is a north facing room, and the white ceiling and light green walls brighten everything up considerably. I still need to do the closets and built in drawers in both bedrooms, and to that end I put a coat of primer on 6 drawers today, and will do the first topcoat tomorrow. I think everything is going to match beautifully.

With the carpet up I can see that I will need to find a good dust mop - not those flimsy things they have in most stores, but the big fluffy dust mop of the olden times. I will have to dust mop every floor on a daily basis to pick up the dog hair. I can't believe how much gets trapped in the carpet that is now accumulating all over the rooms.

Whatever you think about global warming, Lady's fur producing and shedding mechanism knows there is something different this year. In the 8 years I've had her I have never seen her shed so much even in spring after a cold winter, but this is fall for goodness sake! I skimmed through the 2012 edition of the Old Farmers Almanac when it first came out and I think that the west is supposed to be warmer and drier this winter. Warmer is fine, but drier could be disastrous since the agricultural industry in the state takes much of its water from snow melt in the Sierras. If there's no rain, then there is no snow. I need to double check that forecast, (if I can find the book in all this mess) but I think that's what it said.

I know that several readers also do genealogy, and I'm wondering if anyone out there has tested for the FamilyFinder (autosomal DNA). I've received my results and matches and don't have a clue how to use them, so please email me at: gypsy97 at gmail dot com if you have any advice or suggestions.

No word about my eye surgery yet. I've quit calling and figure they will call me when they have something to tell me. It's a good thing I have a lot of things here to keep me interested and occupied.


  1. Maybe by time they call to reschedule, your house will be all done and you can really relax and not have to worry about the mess. Can't wait to see pictures of all you have done.

  2. It really did work out for the best because you got the flooring delivered and moved into your house. So maybe it's a good thing they "lost" your order. I, too, am looking forward to the pictures.

  3. Sometimes it seems that no one has a sense of urgency except the person with the problem. :(

    I don't understand why most dogs aren't bald!

  4. We have used that flooring in a couple of rooms. My wife does not like carpeting. Says it is easier to clean up all the dog hair with hard flooring.

  5. Can't wait to see your pics either.

    I have just one cat, and he sheds a lot too. Even with me combing him. He's still doing it, with winter coming on.

  6. How wonderful that they delivered it for you after thinking they lost it. You are a very deserving person and I think they saw that.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. My son used to work at that HD in the flooring dept and special orders. He says that is very plausible because of the size of the boxes.
    That's what they should have done for the mix up.
    It's really taking shape. The colors are great.