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Thursday, October 13, 2011

I've been working hard

TROUBLEnTX wrote to suggest that I just go ahead and pull out all the carpeting now, rather than wait until I can put the new flooring in. I wasn't quite sure what the subfloor would be like, or what even lay under the rug. I pulled up a bit of it and saw that under a foam pad in very good condition (at least from the small section I examined) there is a solid looking wood floor. I also received an email from my son suggesting I pull it all up at once.

The biggest problem I can see is what to do with the old stuff. I can get a small dumpster brought to my driveway and picked up and taken away, but according to the rules of what can and cannot be dumped, there seems to be a 40# limit. I don't know if that is 40# per item or total weight of load. Forty pounds isn't a whole lot, so it must mean per item. That wouldn't be a problem as we could cut large sections of carpet into small.

Now my son and I are moaning the fact that we both sold our pickup trucks - he had an F-150, and of course I had my F-350. I think my youngest son can borrow his father-in-law's truck so we can get it all hauled away. Joe has to work on Sunday so we're hoping he can pull it up on Saturday. I feel bad about having to move the furniture, and if I'm watching his 2 little girls I won't be right there to help him.

Steve will be here on Sunday and has agreed to install a new kitchen faucet, bathroom faucet, tear out the garbage disposal that doesn't work, install some replacement electrical outlets (half the outlets don't work), and things like that. I haven't had a disposal for years and don't want to be bothered with one. That will give me more room under the sink for supplies. The dishwasher needs a "catch" to be able to close the door and use it, and maybe we can find one at Home Depot. I would like to have a dishwasher.

This is a shot of the kitchen, and of course it is about as cluttered as all the rooms. I've really emptied lots of boxes today and hope to get a few more done tomorrow. I work like a young person in the morning, but after lunch I have to hit the couch!

The trouble will come when I'm looking for something and can't remember where I've put it. I'm going to store my clothes in both bedrooms, so in addition to a chest of drawers I will have lots of closet and drawer space. I really need to come up with a plan for organizing what will go where, or I'll always be searching for something.

The walls have been painted previously, so providing I can get the grease off the walls and cabinets, it should be fairly easy to paint. I'm going to do a contrasting color on the cabinet fronts.

Eventually I am going to replace the awful gas range with an electric. Yvonne told me that there is a 220 connection at the stove. There is no end to the improvements I want to make, but it will take time and money.


  1. You sure are working hard but it is good that you also rest. If I had to move house I would have to make a list of where I put everything otherwise I would be using half my life to find stuff.

  2. I've already started loosing things in the RV and i haveen't put much up there. Mostly because I don't have a sense of what should go where yet. There is a lot of storage, but it is not logically arranged.

  3. Hi Gypsy - an FYI about disposing of the yukky old carpet if there is no pickup truck available ...
    have you seen the ads for "Got Junk?" They will pick up and dispose of most anything, but don't know how much they charge.

    Mostly, take it easy and don't work too hard all at once - give yourself permission to rest whenever you need it! Take care, LdB


  5. I second the kitchen is darling!
    Glad to hear you have so much help. You have a great set of folks there to give you a hand.
    Know you will be really happy to have the carpet up. Seems the eye appointment rescheduling may have been a great thing.

  6. I know how you feel. You want everything done at once so that you have your home the way you want it. But that takes $$$$. When you buy something from someone there's always a lot to do to make it 'yours'.

  7. I'd say you've gotten a lot done in very short order! Good luck with the carpet.

  8. Guess I have found one thing we disagree on. I say gas ranges are the only thing to cook on and you want to go to electric. I can't stand electric ranges for cooking and when the electric goes off what do you do?

  9. I love ur kitchen. And i know it will be super when u get the painting done. Love my gas range too. also, i use it to help heat kitchen-dining area. Just 1 burner will usually do that.
    I'm so glad there's a good floor under that horrible carpet.
    All the best to you. Makes me want to be there helping. lol

  10. The electric cook stove in my apartment is the ONE thing I DON'T like! Gas is much better. when you turn the burner off, you get "hang over" heat. Not so with gas, when it's off it's off. My disposal gets stopped up really easy, so I don't use it. Cheap is the word that comes to mind! Good luck on your remodeling.