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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Update on move, 2nd post Sat. 10/1

Just a quick update. I met Yvonne at the house at 5 pm, and went over how to work various systems and such. The house itself was emptied out and looks pretty good, but there is still a lot of trash outside and things in the storage shed that I hope get moved soon.

I'm going to love it once I get in and start working on it, although I don't have much time to get anything done. Probably that is going to insure I don't overdo it, and I've already resigned myself to just taking it easy and not worrying about meeting goals. Why do I need to set time limits on myself anyway! I do plan to have my bedroom painted before my surgery though.

The smaller bedroom is too small to actually be a bedroom unless, as Yvonne did, I just put a twin bed in there. I don't want to buy a twin bed, and I also have a triple wide dresser that was Bill's that I will use in there, so I think I will get a sofa bed eventually. That way it can be a sitting room until I have company, and then I can open out the couch to make a bed. There's no rush on buying a sofa bed either.

So I'm ready to start work tomorrow, although at a slower and more dignified pace than I originally anticipated.


  1. Happy to see you are going to relax and not push yourself to get it finished yesterday. Bet you will enjoy the process more.

  2. Slow and dignified might be a lot less messy than fast and furious if you happen to start out painting:))

  3. Glad to hear it all worked out and you can get moved in. Like you and your commenters said, "slow and easy".

  4. Sounds like you are anxious to get started on what seems like a reasonable plan. Good Luck. Hope all goes well.