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Friday, October 14, 2011

Back when I owned the 5th wheel I bought a small personal fan at Walmart for $5.00. I only used it once, but today I thought I'd try it since it's getting up to 88F this afternoon. Thankfully temps are predicted to drop to the 70's for most of the days left in October. The fan works fine except I had to set it up across the living room since I could plug it in there. The outlet near my recliner already has an extension cord.

You may remember I wanted to get ceiling fans for all the rooms, but that isn't a really workable idea now that I'm in here. For one thing, the two roll out rooms have a ceiling height of 76" - that's just a little over 6'. By the time you consider the drop of the fan, it would be a bad idea. The other ceilings are about 91" but none of the rooms have ceiling light fixtures and I'm not sure what is involved in accessing an electric source through this paneling.

I was just thinking about my DirecTV service. Do I like it? No, I don't. I am paying $30 a month for 12 months, and then it will go up to $60 a month for the next 12 months. There are tons of sports channels and other channels I don't watch. There are about 12 channels on which I might find something interesting once in a while, but certainly not often. There are 3 or 4 music stations that I listen to. That isn't very much for an average cost of $45 a month. But maybe I have some character flaw that prevents me from enjoying inane television programming.

I know you can modify the online guide to only show the channels you are interested in, but the instructions leave me with my mind wandering because of the way it's presented. It may be relatively easy, but then why don't they say something like: "Step 1: Do x,y,&z. Step 2: Do thus and so. Step 3: You see what I mean?"

Some companies seem to go out of their way to complicate procedures that really aren't all that difficult, but it's the instructions (if there are any at all). This applies to most items purchased any more, although some companies such as Verizon, Nikon cameras, and so on, seem to excel at giving you a booklet with clear, easy to follow instructions. I know probably most of you love online user guides, but I don't.

Back to DirecTV, or any other tv subscription service, why can't they offer 65 channels and provide them at a decent price. I had Charter Communication cable and that is exactly what I got, and it included all channels I was interested in, plus it wasn't so danged time consuming to scroll through the channels to see what was on. There are plenty of sports lovers packages - why not a sports hater package? Or a Can't Stand Movies package? Or a package without 50 religious stations.? I haven't counted them but I bet I'm close.

I did some laundry today and dried one of them in the dryer across the road; I hung the 2nd load on the line and I'd better go take it down before I forget it until tomorrow!

Just a comment on kitchen ranges. I actually prefer cooking with a gas range for many reasons. If I get a new electric range the elements will heat up pretty fast for as long as I'll be around to use them. The reason I'm so adamant on switching is that there is a greasy film on EVERYTHING in the kitchen. Even the two pull chains on the ceiling fan are sticky. That may be for more than one reason, but the main one is that gas exudes a residue which builds up if it isn't cleaned up pronto. I have tried so many products and nothing is getting the sticky film off the cabinets. I clean the entire stove top daily and it seems to be ok, but the control knobs, door handle, etc. are terrible to touch. It puts me off cooking with a gas range.


  1. We have natural gas all over the place up here in Canada and I have never heard of anyone finding a residue on anything. It burns clean as a whistle. Maybe what you have is a propane stove, those I have heard of leaving a film on stuff.

    You should move to the Canadian Arctic, some places just have one channel, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and they have a combination of PBS, news and educational environmental programming. Strange thing those folks who only have one channel want your service.

  2. That's why I would only pay for Basic cable. I would have paid more if I could have chosen what I wanted, but I didn't want to pay for a ton of channels I wouldn't watch. Whenever I moved, I was offered, and took, the "trial" which had a lot of channels for a month, or something like that, for free. I found I was always watching the basic channels, so I never extended it.

  3. I also have Dirct I am with your when will they let people pick there own channels. I really dont care for sports, religion, shopping, cartoons and all the rest of the junk. I had Dish before and it was the same thing. Now you have no choice but to have something or you aren't watching TV at all.

  4. It's the same up here, they give you a bunch of channels for the basic price, most of which I'm not interested in. Other's you buy groups of 4 or 5, usually I watch one of those etc etc. It's a real pain and it seems often there's nothing to watch.

  5. Not a cable fan - we only use the antenna and even then I have trouble finding something to watch some times cause it's all so stupid. I think the stickiness is from the types of food that was cooked - mostly fried. I know I have a mess to clean up after Jim fixes bacon.


  7. I do not have cable or dish or satellite at my house. I purchased an antenna from Amazon.com and I get around 60 channels - enough for me. For a fan - Amazon.com also sells a small window fan that has dual fans in it that can be used to pull air out or pull air into the room. I use two in my attic bedroom one to pull fresh air in and the other in reverse.

  8. I use Zap2It for my tv line up online. Like you, not much on cable, but i don't have to flip thru channels. On 48 hour mystery tonite, took place in Austin 20? years ago, and i remember it. I live like ,,72 miles from there.
    No more comments on the gas, lolololol. Clean for me.

  9. Gypsy, i posted some pics of my kitchen on my blog just for you. lol. My Mom and i worked on them a long time.
    Anyway, just wanted to share.

  10. Clean up is never fun. Recently I was reminded that a mild ammonia solution will cut most greasy messes. The other option is to make a mild solution using dishwasher soap and that seems to really cut grease which is what causes everything to be sticky. Good Luck.