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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dental work done

I really lucked out with the oral surgeon and his staff. They were all wonderful! The surgeon talked to me a bit first of all just to get acquainted, and I told him why I had neglected having dental work done for so long - the cost of it and my fear of the pain. He offered me an anesthetic which I happily accepted. It was administered via an IV, and I really felt no pain and don't remember anything about it, but when it was over with I was able to talk and walk, although a little unsteadily at first.

They told me I had to have someone pick me up as I couldn't drive, and I readily agreed. I called Donald, and since he was getting ready to take his Mom to the Commissary, she was also available to drive my car back. She is going to get me a couple boxes of jello, which I haven't eaten in years. I'm starving but since I can't use my partial denture for 24 hours, there is no way I can chew anything. Wouldn't you know I don't have a thing on hand I can eat. Jeannie called and said she is making butternut squash soup and will bring me some of that. She had surgery a week ago to prepare for dental implants, so she has a problem eating crunchy and chewy foods as well. The last time I was at her house I came home with some kale potato soup that was delicious, and I'm looking forward to trying this one. She doesn't cook very often as Donald is such a wonderful cook.

I was told by Maintenance that I could set my empty boxes out and they would pick them up. When we got back from the dentist, the man next door came out and told us he had taken the boxes, so I'm glad someone could use them rather than having them sent for recycling. If I had known I wouldn't have broken them down, but he can tape them back up easily enough.

I am fairly clear headed right now, but still unsteady enough I realize I can't do much of anything, nor do I feel like it. Even so I feel absolutely great! Just so I can drive tomorrow - Lady has enough food to last one more day. Maybe I should give her some chicken tenderloins I have leftover. She would think she died and went to doggy heaven, although I hate to start feeding her my food as she will begin to expect it.


  1. And how old is Lady? Mix a little of the chicken in with her regular food so it will last another day. I don't think a little treat like that would hurt her for once in her life. :) It might be better to mix it with her food so it doesn't upset her stomach.

  2. So glad it all went so well today at the dentists. I need to have major work done but just can't afford it right now. And I agree with Judy. Lady deserves a treat, especially if it means you can take it easy another day.

  3. Know what you mean by high dental costs and fear of pain. Dental experiences can be such a nightmare. Last time at a Dentist for me was back in 1980 and I don't think they were doing that IV stuff at that time or for sure I would have got me some of that stuff:))

  4. Glad you had the dental work done. They've done a lot of research on the way neglecting your teeth can affect the rest of your health pretty adversely.

  5. I'm glad the oral surgery is over and it all went well. Don't you love to get those things out of the way?

    Take care and take it easy for a few days. :)

  6. Well, I hope you had a pleasant time recovering. It's also great that the staff was pleasant and warm, and the procedure was a success. In any case, the recovery period is a time of mashed potatoes and soft food. It sounds fun to have someone in the same boat while you're waiting for your teeth to recover.