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Monday, October 24, 2011

It Once Was Lost, But Now is Found!

Amazing! I have been looking all day for the roll of blue painter's tape. I used a small bit of it when painting my bedroom, but don't really like it. Today I had enough of laying around and decided to paint a coat of primer in the 2nd bedroom. It is small and I thought I could knock it out in about an hour. How could I have been so far off? I began about 10:30 in the morning, and with a half-hour break for lunch, I finished at 3:30 pm. In my defense I had to move a lot of boxes plus a bookshelf around while painting.

I had a ceiling light fixture to paint around which is why I've been searching for the tape. Needless to say I didn't find it until just a few minutes ago - 6:00 pm here in California. I found duct tape, I found plumbers' tape, I found electrical tape, and I know I even have some scotch tape somewhere. I just looked at the room and shook my head when I saw that light fixture. I'll put the first coat of ceiling paint on tomorrow and will definitely tape up the fixture - sort of like shutting the barn door after the horse is gone.

My back really hurts from the stretching, bending, and twisting. I didn't have to use the ladder much since I could reach the ceiling (6'4") with the long roller handle. I did use it to take down the hardware for roller window shades, which I absolutely dislike. I can never get them to stop where I want them to stop, either on the way down or on the way back up. I'm tossing the whole kit! There are sheers at the window, which may cause some concern if I happen to have an overnight guest to sleep on the sleep sofa I plan to put in that room some day. I have lace panels at my bedroom and don't worry at all. I simply dress and undress in the bathroom, or sit on the bed in which case no one can see in anyway.

I will get the paint for the walls as soon as I can, so that I can con my daughter into finishing the room if I have eye surgery before I can get it done. No word yet on that, and I don't intend to worry about it. If Judy , who must have the patience of a saint, can deal with the troubles she's been having lately, then certainly I am not to be outdone! (Judy is younger than I am and has many more years to get her fridge and other rig problems fixed than I have to get my house in order! Sometimes I'm painfully aware that I am on the downhill slope.)

I have had several readers comment about Kilz primer. Gripper was recommended to me by the woman in the paint department at Home Depot, as a product that won't chip. That is an issue with painting over laminate, and she had personal experience using it on paneling.

I think the problems I had the past few days were just a result of the anesthetic on Tuesday. I had originally planned to get nitrous, but when the dentist offered me an anesthetic I jumped at it. The nitrous is wonderful in allowing me to relax, but the novocaine shot going in can be extremely painful depending on which part of the mouth it is injected. If you can breathe the nitrous properly through the nose (hard to do with your mouth open), then it does help. I'm a wimp about pain in my old age so I took the easy way out.


  1. I think most of us are a bit wimpy when it comes to pain. That is what is so good about living in a time when you have a choice to avoid pain during procedures!

  2. 'Easy way out' works for me as well when it comes to any kind of that pain stuff for sure. I've done a bit of painting over the years but do not ever recall having to do a ceiling. I'm sure that would be a real pain so it's probably why I have never attempted that. And then there is all that tedious masking tape stuff. Good for you in working your way through all that painting stuff:))

  3. Pain! I will take the easy way out too. I can't imagine How things were done before anesthesia. I am reading a book that just went into a tonsillectomy done without it. A big OUCH, but people way back when could really suck it up. We are wimp in comparison.

  4. Hey, I'm no saint, and I certainly hope it doesn't take years to get the frig fixed! :)

  5. So glad ur back. Really miss ur blogs, and glad ur back to painting now...DON"T HURRY. I think ur a lot like me, just can't look at something that needs to be done, and not do it.

  6. It may be easier to drop the light fixture than to mess with trying to tape it. On the other hand. . .

  7. If you use denatured alcohol on a rag it will soften and remove most water based paints from things like that light fixture. Even after the paint is dry. Just soak a rag and hold it over the paint and let it soften the spots, then rub like heck and it will usually come right off.

    I'm wimpy about pain in my mouth from the dentist too. Hurts like He!!