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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

No surgery today

I met with the eye surgeon this morning and was told there was a malfunction in some of the equipment they used so my surgery will have to be rescheduled. I'm sort of relieved, as I never had the anticipation and positive attitude that I had with the first transplant. Something was different, and I thought it was just my worrying about my heart. So now I'm waiting to hear when it will be rescheduled.

My concern is that to get me in sooner than just waiting at the end of the list, it will require me to have the surgery done at Mercy General Hospital, rather than the small surgery center. I don't like big hospitals and worry that I will come away with something much worse than what I went in with. Also, most of you understand what intake is like in a big hospital - I'll be sitting waiting for hours to get past the front desk I'm afraid. Maybe not.

So I'm back to unloading boxes.


  1. So are you going to wait at the end of the list so you can go to the smaller clinic?

  2. glad you don't mind it being rescheduled. You are smart to avoid big hospitals. It is true that a lot of people pick up things in the hospital that they didn't have before they went in. I worked in one for 25 years. Those are known as nosocomial infections. Stick with the small place.

  3. I hope you will get the surgery soon. I also like smaller hospitals better. Good thing our area has one but a lot of people would rather go to Victoria. Not me, I always try for our small one.