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Friday, October 7, 2011

Still no carpet cleaner

His luck is about as bad as mine lately. I wrote about his encounter with wasps, and the next morning he was supposed to be here early. His son works with him, and the van he was driving was hit by another car. The son is ok, but the driver of the car that slammed into him was taken to the hospital. The van suffered more damages than originally thought, so I've been on the short end of all this. The cleaner called me today and offered to try to get here late this afternoon; if he can't make it then he will clean the carpets at the same rate quoted, but will move the furniture. It would be so much easier and quicker when the rooms are empty, but I have no control over the situation.

There is much more work to do here than I originally thought. Everything in the kitchen is covered with a greasy, sticky film, and I am trying everything I know of to remove it. There are some cabinets that are ok on the inside, although the doors are all tacky and I hate even touching them. I'll probably use a small sander and sand it off before painting. I bought shelf liner and lined enough cabinets to provide me with a place to put at least the most important things away. I haven't used contact paper in years because I always ended up getting wrapped in it. It hasn't changed! I have seven overhead cabinets cleaned and available, 8 large drawers and 4 small drawers cleaned, plus a couple of large cabinets I haven't yet decided what to put in them.

I also bought lace panels and curtain rods for the bedroom window. There were vertical blinds at that window and they are stained orange with nicotine. Needless to say I plan to toss them. The big job will be to figure out how to remove the large screen and take it outside to wash it, then to wash the windows inside and out. I can't put nice curtains up on dirty windows or my mother would come out of the grave to admonish me! She was a fanatic when it came to clean windows and while I'm not so fanatical, I come pretty close.

I've been freezing in the mornings and evenings, so yesterday I retrieved my small heater and some warm clothes from storage. What a wonder it is to sit in front of that little heater!

When Lady and I go out the back gate we head to the north (left) in the morning, and to the south (right) towards US 50 freeway in the afternoon. After one day she knows which way to turn without my prompting her.

My house is behind the fence about 5 down on the left.

Although the freeway is less than a mile from my house, I hear no traffic noise, nor do I hear it from Sunrise Blvd. at the park entrance.

Across the trail is a light industry/business park:

This is one end of the bedroom. I intended to paint the drawers and doors on the closets, but it will be difficult for me to remove and re-hang the doors, so I thought I might just leave it like this. Any comments? Does it look too ridiculous to even consider? I can do it later when I'm feeling better and less tired I suppose.


  1. What a great place! Thanks for the pictures. Someday we'll be out there to see you.

  2. My Mom would have come up out of her grave, too, if you put curtains on dirty windows. What was it about that generation?

  3. I think it looks good the way it is. I kind of like the contrast with the wood and the white walls. Your place is going to be so great when you get it all done. Is Lady liking the house? She is definitely no dummy.

  4. I like the natural look for the doors and draws it breaks up the white.
    There is a cleaner called awesome I have only seen it in .99 stores and it really is awesome. Or use a really strong degreaser and hot water. If you try to sand off the grease you will have a gummy mess on your hands.

  5. I once bought a car from a chain smoker and the entire interior of that car was covered in a dull yellow nicotine film. I know what you mean by a thick greasy scum!! It will take lots of patience and elbow grease but eventually you will be happily snuggled in your new abode. Know what you mean by feeling the nice warmth of a heater.

  6. Boy you are sure having problems getting those carpets cleaned. I feel sorry for the poor guy but he's very lucky you are patient and don't take your business elsewhere.

    I agree about don't sand them. It will only make things worse. Wonder if GoJo, that stuff mechanics use to get grease off of their hands would cut that stuff??

  7. TRy some LAs Totally Awesome, it will dissolve almost any scum! Don't sand too much of a mess.......

  8. Two products work wonders on grease. I had to clean THICK goo from the range hood at my Dad's house (step-mom fried everything!)after she died and used Greased Lightening I found at Walmart, it worked great. Several years later after Dad went I too was about to paint his kitchen cabinets because they felt tacky from grease and found Mean Green at the $$ store. It works just as good and the realtor could not believe the cabinets were original because it even brought back the shine. Spray a thin mist, let it work then wipe in the direction of the grain with a dampened sponge. It might take more than one wash (his took 2) but sure is worth it and with little effort.
    A product that will remove smoke odors (not the yellow film) is ZeroOdor which I purchased online. Bought a car that had a very strong odor and after just 2 treatments it smelled fresh and clean. Now I use it to spray the litterbox before emptying and NO ODOR! It's like a miracle spray. LOL