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Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Best Laid Plans . . .

As arranged with Yvonne I appeared at the house at 8:30 this morning. I could tell she was no way ready for me, and still has a lot of things to pack and move. I offered to come back in an hour, and she seemed to think that would do it. Well, after an hour of walking through K-Mart I returned and things were still not going well for her. Her daughter was going to help her move, but she has to come from Nevada and wasn't there yet. I told Yvonne I would come back around 5 pm, but first I would like to see the bedrooms again.

With the furniture out of the rooms, I can see that the smoked-in bedroom on the south side of the house is much larger than the one on the north that she used for her bedroom. I think I will switch gears and take the larger room as there is no way I could ever fit even my queen sized bed in the smaller one. With the doors and windows open and the carpet vacuumed, the smell of smoke was only faint, and I think with rug cleaning plus washing the walls and ceiling, and then painting, is going to make it A-OK.

I'm a bit overwhelmed right now at the amount of work for me to do, and I realize most of it is going to have to wait until I can deal with it and my eye surgeon says it's ok. For now I will just concentrate on the bedroom I plan to use.

Meanwhile my car is packed to the ceiling. I'm back at Jeannie & Donald's house right now, and if I wasn't so stubborn I would just stay here tonight and try again tomorrow. But I'm too stubborn to do that unless Yvonne absolutely can't be out today. I really empathize with her - I was in that same boat when I moved from my house in Asheville. I had to do absolutely everything myself and did I ever feel forlorn - so I'm trying to be as easy on her about this move as I can be.

One thing I am pleased with is that she is leaving me the recliner in the living room. I have my heart set on a particular leather rocker/recliner but really don't want to spend the money this month, so this will be perfect until I can get my own. And then, the living room seems to be big enough to hold two of them, although maybe not. I learned not to cram every available space with things when I lived in Asheville, and my house looked absolutely huge from not being too crowded.

I realized this morning the incredible amount of storage space in the house - drawers and cabinets everywhere. It's like being in a big RV, although probably 3 or more times the size of my 5th wheel.


  1. Oh, it is finally all coming together. You can't wait until you get moved in, and we can't wait to hear all about it.
    Happy Tails, and Trails, Penny. TX

  2. I hope you will get everything organized before you have your operation. Don't overdo it though or you might be in the hospital before your time!!

  3. How great to have all that planning and excitement going on. A purpose, a reason for getting up in the morning, a goal, a dream, a reality:))

  4. Hope she is able to get out tonight for you. I don't blame you for wanting to get in there and get going on things. Don't over do and have some fun with it.

  5. I think it's good that you have this challenge to help keep your mind off of your surgery. Busy hands... :)

  6. I feel sorry for Yvonne too. She really wants to be gone but there is so much to do. But I'm excited for you, being inches away from this new chapter in your life.

  7. Lots of storage and you don't have to worry about how much stuff weighs or if it will shift around! That has to be good.