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Friday, October 7, 2011

Issues with blogger

I hadn't seen an update to the Barbara's blog, Me and My Dog, for 5 weeks, so I wrote to ask her if she is ok. She recently bought a Class C that she named The Palms, and she and dog Katie finally got to hit the road. She responded that she is ok but having trouble with Blogger. Here is an excerpt from her email:

"I'm still blogging, but my blogs aren't showing up on some of my followers blogrolls. You will have to click on my blog down at the end of your blogroll to bring up current posts. Or enter dewelldesigns.blogspot.com to bring it up.

Blogger doesn't have any tech support, so whatever is wrong, I can't ask them to fix it. I'm thinking of moving over to WordPress so I don't have to deal with Blogger anymore. Blogger keeps adding new things that most people don't seem to want, but they won't fix the issues that have been plaguing us for months."

I scrolled down my list to "Me and My Dog" and found her latest post which was yesterday, 10/6. (The blog list shows last post 5 weeks ago!) Barbara is having trouble with her generator/batteries/power and really needs some help and/or suggestions. I never could figure that stuff out, and I'm hoping that one of her readers can give her some answers.

This makes me wonder about Blogger and what is happening to it. I have trouble seeing photos - some of them show up, and some that are referred to in the text don't appear at all. It seems random and I've just learned to live with it, although I know I'm missing out on some great photos. Now I'm thinking I should go down my list and click on some of the blogs I haven't seen an update for, as the same thing may be happening to them. I agree with Barbara that Blogger keeps adding features that aren't all that great, or wanted, or needed by the users, yet they can't even be contacted to report long time issues with the program. I find it is getting worse, at least for me. Some bloggers say they have no problems with it, but what if half the readers can't even see an update? That is, those of us who rely on the blog list to show the latest updates for the blogs we list.

I may post again later today. I have a couple of photos to add, but can't seem to locate the cord that hooks up my camera to the compouter. I will be SO glad to get my furniture and belongings tomorrow and can at least begin to organize and find a place for everything. This morning I'm cleaning kitchen cabinets, a job I don't like at all.

Later -


  1. I agree totally with Barbara about Blogger and the new things they add without dealing with the issues they already have. I too am thinking a lot about WordPress instead. So far I haven't had the gumption to do the work to change even though Blogger aggrevates me far too much.

  2. Cleaning kitchen cabinets...only one word for it: UGH!

  3. Thanks for the info on Barbara. I'll click on her blog link and see what I come up with.

  4. Thanks for the mention, Gypsy. I'm sorry some followers are not getting the updates for my blog, and I appreciate you putting it out there.

    I was having that same problem for a while with your posts, and also with Judy and Emma's, Four Windows with a View, and others. Now I just go down my blogroll and click on those that usually post regularly, and there are usually some that aren't updating.

    Looking forward to seeing those photos! :)

  5. I'm ashamed to say that I thought of "Me" the other day and meant to ask. Glad she's okay. Sorry about RV and blogging problems.

    My biggest problems with blogger is getting the print to show up correctly.

  6. I haven't had any trouble at all with blogger. I'd be worried if someone posts daily and all of sudden not at all. I'm glad to know ahead of time blogger has problems from time to time.

    I'm so glad you're getting your place in shape. Please don't overdo, it will be there to do tomorrow if you don't feel like doing it today. It's great following along with you on what you're getting accomplished.

  7. My guess is there's something in her settings that isn't allowing linked blogs to get "updates". I looked at mine and couldn't figure out what that might be. So, the mystery continues!

    So glad to see you're getting settled into your new place. Hope you're having fun!!!

  8. We got fed up with Blogger too, which is why we started our Wordpress-based RV Blogz community, RVBlogz.com. And we come with tech support too! Tell your friend we're happy to help her migrate her blog to our community.