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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ceiling finished - I hope!

I got the rest of the walls primered and started on the ceiling paint. I am really being optimistic, and at the same time lowering my usually high standards, but I think there is a chance I can get by with one coat of ceiling paint. I really won't know until tomorrow after it has had a chance to dry. To be on the safe side, I didn't wash the roller, tray, or brush, but have them wrapped in plastic and sitting in the fridge.

Here are some before and after pictures, and don't notice the absolute mess in the room.

There is another closet on the opposite side of the room, so you can see how much drawer and closet space I have. There is one closet in the smaller bedroom, and maybe I'll store the change-of-season clothes in it. I had planned to paint the walls in bold warm colors, but after thinking about it I decided to use more muted warm colors. There is so much more light now that the paneling is white, and I would like to keep it light, especially since I see so much better in the room even now. I tried to take a picture of the paint chips but they completely washed out.

Susan came by last night and brought me some plastic storage tubs that she was getting rid of. Now to fill them at least temporarily with all the bags and boxes I brought from Jeannie's and which are sitting in the kitchen. Everything goes into the kitchen until Thursday when the rugs are cleaned. I don't have much hope for the bedroom rug being salvaged as I'm still getting a strong odor of smoke. I set a plastic cup of vinegar in the room as I heard it will absorb smoke odors, and did you guess, I knocked it over today. I have drop cloths down and was able to wipe up most of it.

Donald brought over the TV and my microwave today, in addition to one of their air mattresses. I slept ok but getting up several times a night was the difficult part. I can get up from an air mattress, but am totally unable to stand up very steadily when getting off the floor. I noticed that when camping I was falling when I tried to stand up, and using the air mattress has completely solved that problem.

I guess it's time for Lady's walk although it feels so good to just sit down I hate to even go out. We walked on the bike trail this morning - at one time it was a two lane road so it is nice and wide for bike riding and walking. Of course Lady loved sniffing new bushes, grass and trees! She conned me into a short walk between the primer and the ceiling top coat - I was just starting to take a quick power nap too.

A big storm is predicted to come into Northern California during the next 3 days, bringing rain, lots of wind, and snow for the Sierras. It has really cooled off and is 64F right now. Things will warm up to the 70's by Friday, but I doubt we'll have any more very hot weather. That suits me fine.

The DirecTV installer will be here between 8:00 and 12:00 tomorrow, so I won't be able to go to Home Depot for wall paint until afternoon. I could start putting the primer on the small bedroom, but for all I know I will wake up to find that the ceiling needs a second coat. My ambitious plans are so far off track now I don't even worry about it. I need to reserve a U-Haul truck to move out of storage this weekend and it will be so nice to see my furniture here. Then it will start to seem like home.


  1. Thanks for including the pictures. I was having a hard time visualizing all the closets and drawers before. I think you're making marvelous progress! Here's hoping one coat is enough for the ceiling. :)

  2. I've never really enjoyed painting because I end up with almost as much paint on me as on the ceilings and walls. :)

  3. I like a light colored room. I also can see better. Here's hoping one coat does it.

  4. It's coming together. Looking good.
    Don't you love the way they built in closets and drawers into those older trailers? Don't make them like they used to.
    This little home is just what you and Lady needed, and it is lovely.
    Please don't over do it.
    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny, TX

  5. The paneling looked like it was in good shape, but I like the painted walls much better. It is much brighter. I sure hope the ceiling is done. Please take it easy

  6. Boy Gypsy how do you do all this and such newsy blogs too. I'm worn out just trying to keep up with you.

    Hope you got that power nap. You must need it with everything you are doing.

  7. I am so surprised by how much that you have gotten done since last night. You are one busy lady!

  8. I always heard plain house hold ammonia, just pour a little in a bowl,leave set in the room will take away odors.
    Looking good!

  9. your doing so well !
    I'm proud of you :)


  10. You sure have had a busy summer. Love your new place. It looks so cozy!! I am finally get caught up on some of my favourite blogs. Keep up the good work, it is looking great.

  11. The paneling was very pretty as is. You could have just washed and polished it up.

  12. I liked the wood on the walls, but I agree that the room will be much brighter with the paint. I love the closets with the drawers below. I had a house with that set-up once, and really liked it. Lots of storage.

    I can imagine Lady is loving her new digs. Just the new smells alone are probably heaven for her. Katie always dawdles when we are walking along a new trail. Sniff sniff, walk walk, sniff sniff, walk walk. Drives me crazy, but that's a dog for you. :)