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Monday, December 20, 2010


I am really steamed! I deactivated my account many months ago, but recently got an email from Facebook saying that someone had activated my account, and they wanted me to know in case I didn't do it. This tells me there is absolutely no control over who can do what on that site. I absolutely hate it.

I responded to their email, which probably got deleted as soon as it left my screen. This morning I started getting the requests from people wanting to be my friend. I am so sick and tired of dealing with this ridiculous site that is like the Hotel California, in the words of the Eagles:

"'Relax,' said the night man,
'We are programmed to receive.
You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave!'

So I went into Facebook again this morning and went through the deactivate process. I soon received an email informing me that to get back in all I need to do is sign in with my email address and password. Some deactivation - guess I can check out but I'll never be able to leave!

My shopping trip yesterday was brief. I decided to go ahead because as I mentioned in the blog, I was all dressed and ready to go, and even put lipstick on!

A while back I wrote an entry about my comparison of several new Garmin GPS models, and at that time I decided that I preferred the capabilities of my old one much better. It has and does the little bit of directing that I want it to do, although the directions are often screwed up. I think everyone experiences a bit of wrong directions now and then, no matter how new or complex their GPS model is.

There are just a few things I want my GPS to do and have become accustomed to:
1. Route my trip. I usually use another system to map it out in advance, i.e., mapquest, paper maps, etc., so essentially I know where I am going.
2. Alert me to upcoming turns, with an arrow showing the direction I must turn.
3. Give me an estimated time of arrival. I would like to have a total number of miles as well, but I usually have an idea of how many miles, and I can figure it backwards by the amount of time calculated for the trip.
4. Current speed.
5. Current speed limit.

The Garmin I wanted to buy yesterday has these features plus it verbally gives street names, which is a plus. The thing it didn't have is the current speed limit. I have become so accustomed to using that bit of information, and it is conveniently located on the screen near the speed I'm traveling. For some reason, my model of Ford truck has very faint white lines and indicators on the dashboard, and it helps me to have a closer up view of my speed, plus a reminder of the legal limit. I mount the GPS unit on the driver's side window where I can easily see it, and just drape the cord across the steering column.

All this boils down to the fact that I did not buy the new GPS, but will continue to use my old one. I guess I still believe in the old saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." There isn't a thing wrong with wanting all the latest bells and whistles, but there isn't a thing wrong with just wanting what has worked for you and does what you want it to.

I talked with my sister Julie (Florida) last night, and we were on the phone for about 3 hours, so I know I am going to be tired by the middle of the day. Today is an exercise day, and I'm always energized from lifting weights. I also think I will try the stretch routine which I've been avoiding because of the pain, but I'll just have to skip the parts that cause me too much discomfort.


  1. I understand your point of sticking with the old and familiar completely but did you at least buy the thermometer?? That is one device I use constantly at home and when we were still traveling. I am also on Facebook but I have everything set private. I hope that helps. I hardly ever use it. I don't like it.

  2. I use face book and really haven't had any problems with it, but maybe my time is coming.

    I have had big expensive GPS units, and really cheaper models, and I think the one I have now is probably the best. It is a Tom Tom. Very easy to use, and has all that you mentioned. I guess everyone is different on what they like though.

  3. Our Garmin is over 4 years old & still works fine. Kelly does the programing & keeps it on her side. I never look at the screen anyway & just listen to what the voice command directions are telling me. Sometimes Garmin Gertie & I have have a little shouting match back & forth but it doesn't seem to bother her as much as me.
    Facebook hasn't been a problem for Kelly or I. We use it as a communication tool & stay away from all the stupid stuff. The privacy issues haven't affected us. I post our blog on it & that's about all I use it for.

  4. We just use Streets and Trips on the laptop and it has a little GPS dongle thingie that you can stick on the window with a suction cup and plug into the USB. I like having a full screen to see and a full keyboard to use and make changes enroute or make notes etc.

    And it has the speed too, as well as elevations.

    Karen and Steve
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  5. I also have a Garmin that does all you ask it to do. Like it very much and I agree with you when you say if it ain't broke don't fix it. Although Mrs. Gramin and I do disagree on wich route to take.

  6. Unless things have changed, when I first got my Garmin GPS the law in California was that you can't mount anything on the window. I got a "sand bag" type thing they make to keep it secure on the dashboard. I've gotten used to looking there. Would rather have it on the window, though. Just FYI. I don't know about other states.