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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Driving a car again

Unlike many RVers I don't pull a small vehicle for driving around, commonly called a "toad". So I am familiar with driving and parking my 1-ton Ford. Until we remove the camper from the truck tomorrow, I'm driving my son's Matrix. I have driven it when he needed to borrow my truck, but it always takes some getting used to.

I don't need to swing so wide on turns. There are no duallies to worry about, and the Matrix fits into any parking space. The brakes are really sensitive! This morning I wanted to return something to Costco, so I put Lady in the back of the vehicle and started out. The first time I wanted to stop, the dog bed with Lady on it slid forward to the back of the front seats. I think she was really surprised, and I thought I would have a dog in my lap before the short trip was over.

I can't back it into my parking space without having to go back and forth lots of times to get it right, whereas I can just put the truck in reverse and usually zip right into the space on first try. It's funny how most people are intimidated by the thought of driving such a big truck, whereas I am intimidated by a little car!

I ran into my upstairs neighbor when coming back from Lady's walk today, and we stopped to talk for a while. He is such a nice young man, and I didn't have the heart to complain about anything. I only have 3 more months on my lease, and I've gotten through the worst part, I hope.

I cooked a big pot of chili today to battle the cooler weather. It smells so good I will probably eat supper early tonight.


  1. I guess that just proves that you are good at what you are used to. If you drove a small car for a month, the truck would seem a bit odd.

    Chili is always good.

  2. Just pretend you are driving the truck. That may work. :-)

  3. It's always an adjustment for me to go from the automatice big class A to my stick shift tiny toad. I feel so tiny on the road in the toad, and really enjoy the 'view from the top' of the motorhome. Just a couple of days ago I forgot to put in the clutch at a stop sign, and the toad died. :)

  4. That chili sounds really good. The weather has been great down here in AZ but the nights get so chilly as soon as the sun goes down.

  5. Love the name of your new RV Sir Lance A Lot---it reminds me of my elevenfootrv---there is a lot of room in one of those isnt there - especially if you like to be outside alGlad you are enjoying it -- look forward to seeing you when you come to asheville --there is a free parking space in our driveway!!!t...

  6. I have backed up 5th wheels, travel trailers, utility trailers etc but it is the little Jeep I am having the most trouble with because of it's short wheelbase. I keep cutting the corners to sharp & it is taking me awhile to get used to it. I never would have thought one of the smallest vehicles I have ever had would thwart me so much. Getting used to in now but it's a wonder I haven't tore off a mirror or two.

  7. I know driving a car for the first time, after getting our big ole truck, was a hoot. I was constanly checking the mirrors to make sure I wasn't in someone's lane, other than my own. Then I would remember I was in a little car. I no longer feel safe in a small car either. Also feel like I am riding right on the road, instead of up in the air like normal.

  8. Chili...did someone say chili? Sounds good!