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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Back at home for now

I'm back at my apartment and wonder if I'll ever get all the stuff put away. The next time I travel I will be much better organized.

Jeannie and Donald and the girls came by to visit, and the kids probably fed Lady more dog cookies than she ever thought she would get from me. They are going to do some Christmas shopping and asked me if I wanted to go along. My injuries are really painful today, maybe because it's colder? I've been trying to get comfortable with a heat pad to ease some of the pain. I want to see the doctor for a stronger pain medication, but don't want to have to go through any more x-rays right now. I think they took about 8 of them in Arizona, and I'm not crazy about getting more radiation.

The thermometer hasn't gotten out of the 50's today, and it looks like that will be the trend of the coming week. What is it that makes some people long for cold weather and even snow when you could fry an egg on the sidewalk, but when it gets a bit chilly they wish for t-shirt and shorts weather? I'm one of those folks! I also wouldn't want to live where the weather is always the same, as I was raised in a 4-season part of the country and wouldn't want to miss a single season. Ya just can't please some people!


  1. I think I could be happy with warm, not sizzling, weather for the rest of my life! I guess all those years in the northern states cured me of ever wanting to be cold again. :)

  2. I'm an absolute whimp about the temperature. Nights are best when around 40-55' Days 60-75. Outside that you'll hear me moan and more so if the sun doesn't shine nearly everyday and we go without rain for more than 2 weeks.

    I wonder where that paradise is. We come close most of the time.

    Having written that, I love frosty mornings followed by clear sunny days.

    Sorry to hear you are suffering a lot of pain. Hope it settles now you can relax in your own home.


  3. I understand well about the seasons. Spring, summer fall are great & a harsh snowy winter would be just fine if it only lasted 2 days:)) Same weather every day would be mighty borning for sure. Takes a little bad weather to help us appreciate the good stuff. Hope you can get a handle on that pain stuff.

  4. We remember Sacramento winters! Lived there for two years between "real" jobs for Jerry. (Suzy had a great job there, but was a good husband follower and left it behind). Then in the spring the rains! Seemed like it rained constantly day and night for two months at a time. Poo! We'll take the Arizona desert!

  5. I bet you are glad to be back home. Your first trip with the new camper was not the most pleasant one, and when you are hurting and don't feel up to par, home is the best place to be.

  6. I am glad you are home safe, I hope your pain will get better in time.
    When is your next adventure?

  7. Hope you can get the medical help you need...and rest up...and heal. Keep us posted...ok Gypsy..