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Monday, December 13, 2010

Uneventful day

I spent about 3 hours of the day running back and forth to the laundry, but now I can wait 2 or 3 weeks if I want. In between trips I was on the phone trying to make arrangements for storing my camper for about 3 months, as well as some other calls and appointments I had to make. I didn't bother with the doctor today as I don't want to be sent for x-rays. So far I'm toughing it out but tough is an understatement as I'm in some serious pain.

Lady is really loving all the room she has to roam about, and especially loves rolling in the grass when we go for walks.

I think our 10-day forecast calls for much cooler temperatures, but the worst is rain/showers for 8 days out of the 10. Oh well, that's what this part of California needs in the winter because it sure doesn't rain to speak of in the summertime.

I've been frustrated with trying to find park model RV's for rent or sale in this area. I don't want to have to make any more long trips to buy something at this time, so I would prefer something in the local area. I'm not completely sold on the idea, but would like to check it out if I could figure out how and where to do so. I have plenty of time until my eyesight improves, and I'm learning not to plan very far ahead. The main criterion for a park model would be that I don't have to touch a damn propane tank!

My internal clock seems to be on Arizona time - I got up at 6:00 am, and I'm sleepy now at only 6:00 pm.


  1. Hi! I'm really enjoying your posts!

    I was wondering what a park model RV is. You stated that you are looking for them. I was just wondering what they are.

    Keep writing! All of us love your blog!

  2. Gypsy,
    If you're in serious pain, I'm not sure I understand why you won't get some serious relief! Did the last doctor just tell you to tough it out? It's been quite a few days now...Bite the bullet and get some help. JMHO :)

  3. Gypsy, either get some relief for the pain or quit complaining about it. It is really pretty simple.

  4. There are several mobil home/rv parks in the Roseville/Folsom area who are displaying signs indicating space available. A couple are on Folsom Blvd between Eureka and Greenback. One is at Natomas and Folsom Blvd in Folsom.

  5. Gypsy,

    Have you tried one of those ring or doughnut cushions? When I cracked my tail bones a few years ago it really really helped. You can get them at any drug store.


  6. Sure hope you get to feeling better soon. Most of the Park Models we have seen are like row houses. All bunched up together, but I must admit, they were attractive and very neat and clean looking. I do think most of them had propane tanks though. Total electric takes a lot of amps to operate is my understanding.

  7. Being a typical guy I generally avoid Doctors & all that stuff too but when push comes to shove it doesn't take a lot of sustained pain to motivate me into relief mode. And, if that means a visit to a medical center then so be it.
    I'm a little confused on the 'Park Model' plans......

  8. I am with AL, I dislike doctor visits, but if I am in pain it is time to get help. Pain is your bodies way of demanding attention.

  9. We have plenty of park models for sale in Fla, come on down. In fact we looked at quite a few here at lazy days in Seffner, (near Tampa).

    The donut is great for the talebone, been there done that. I hope you feel better real soon.