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Monday, November 24, 2014

The only way to go is UP!

I started the morning off by bringing my bowl of fruit & nuts along with a BIG mug of coffee into the living room.  I am most comfortable in my big recliner, and I keep a portable heater in front of me to stay warm.  I don't think I had two bites of my breakfast when I set the bowl on the end table next to the chair, and my arm bumped something that fell on the floor.  It was my full mug of coffee.  I made a few profane pronouncements while I ran for a roll of paper towels.  It took me about 15 minutes - coffee was everywhere, under the chair, around and seeping under the table, the floor lamp, and power supply bar that I plug everything in to, etc.  I cleaned it all up and the worst part is losing that wonderful coffee.  I'm thinking about making more coffee, maybe just up to the 2 cup line which should nearly fill the mug.

My "baby" (Joe) is going to be 39 tomorrow.  It's hard to believe so many years have passed since he was born.  We brought him home in a snowstorm, and stopped by my mom & dad's house to show him off - they were so happy to see him but frantic that we were driving in snow, so they urged us to get him home.  Driving in snow never bothered me back then, although ice was another matter.  

I've about decided to turn my house furnace on but remember that last year I couldn't get it to work, so I called the power company.  The agent who came out couldn't get it to run either, and I ended up having to call an HVAC guy to do it.  Maybe it will work for me this year.  I'm not freezing but it is chilly unless I'm really busy, and busyness is a rare thing for me anymore.

Does anyone else feel like they are drowning in paper?  I don't like to throw things away because that is when I will need something I've discarded.  The result is that I have paperwork everywhere.  There was a time when I was so organized, but then I had a file cabinet next to my computer and it was easy to keep things in order.  To make matters worse I think my paper shredder has died, and I need to get a new one before I'm buried in papers!

I just opened the door and think it is much warmer outdoors than it is inside my house.  I hope some of that warm air seeps inside!


  1. Afternoon, Gypsy ;) what a day you've had so far ... I was in between going to the store to buy coffee because of the horrible weather ...

    Put my last to packets of Taster's Choice single serving thingies in m'cup ... nuked some water... went to the bathroom to look at how beautiful I am ... came back .. picked up my cup to rinse it out.

    Talk about a bummer ~ no coffee plus the realization that I"m getting older by the freakin mornings!

    gorgeous day here in ol Fort Rucker, Alabama ... about time! and I have plenty of coffee plus another bag unopened in waiting!


  2. my last to? packets? lordamercy .. you know that I know that it's too, right? My one and only baby will be 30 in three months! unbelievable

    Think I'll get rid of some paper two.

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  4. My youngest son was born in 1959 the oldest in 1965. My oldest was killed in a car accident when is only son was only eight years old. My youngest is still going strong.

  5. Some days it's hard to do anything right. Believe me, I know. At least cleaning up the coffee gave you something to keep you busy and warm.

  6. Gosh, Gypsy! My oldest turned 45 in October! I have NO earthly idea how he came to be that old. Sorry to hear about your coffee--that first cup in the morning tastes so good. I'd turn on the furnace if the outdoors feels warmer than indoors.

    Paper is gonna bury us all. I try to stay ahead of it & we're lucky that we can burn our sensitive papers most of the year but that will end when we hit the road. 'Course we rarely get any sensitive mail any more--it's all junk!

  7. I just love eating in my comfortable chair but way too often I end up spilling something and it seems to take forever to clean it up. Wish I could remember if this happened to me when I was younger. HA! Better try out that furnace before you absolutely have to have it is my advice.

  8. My oldest Grandson is 36 years old!!! So I guess I beat you all :-). Spilling coffee is almost a crime! I hate it when that happens :-( hope tomorrow has a better start. I agree with Sherry, try that furnice before you really need it. Good luck.

  9. I would get that furnace lit before you get surprised my a really big drop in temps. Mine started to get harder to light so now I don't even try I just call the guy. We hit 28 last night this is really early for this kind of weather.

  10. I have almost eliminated paper from my life:) I am so happy about that. What ever I need that I cannot have delivered online, I have digitized.

    So I have now have one very small file box for he few things that still need a paper copy.

  11. I hear you...I am drowning in paper too. Quite frankly I do not think I will ever get it under control.

    I think I am just going to start labeling boxes by year and then filling them up. To think I was once so organized :(