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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I wrote in yesterday's blog that my youngest son would be 39 today.  Lordie, did I ever make a mistake.  He stopped by this afternoon with his 2 daughters and I mentioned him being 39 - he thought for a minute and said, "NO, I'm not 39."  I wrote it out on paper:  "2014 - 1975", and he said "Yes, but I was born in 1977."  How right he is; it was Steve who was born in 1975 and he will be 40 this coming March!  So I told Joe I would print a retraction:  Joe is ONLY 37!

I went out briefly today, to the library and to the grocery, and was glad to get back home by Noon.  Traffic on the streets was heavy.  I took the Nevada Barr book back to the library, unread.  I just don't want to read anything graphic, gory, or too suspenseful.   I ended up checking out 9 books, and I have requests in for about 12 more.  If I start a book and don't care for how it's going then I have no qualms about returning it.  

Joe tried to get the furnace started but to no avail.  I'll call someone to come and start it, maybe after Thanksgiving.  The cold house doesn't bother me so much, but I worry when the kids come over.

Jeannie and I went to the gym last night and plan to go again on Wednesday.  She said I should just plan to stay overnight at her house since I'll be there on Thanksgiving.  That's fine with me as I'm not crazy about driving after dark, although last night I was driving home at 9 pm and there wasn't much traffic on the roads.

I don't know why, but periodically I start thinking about small campers - I don't mean for living in or even traveling across the country, but more like a teardrop or tiny camper to sleep in.  The trouble is that I would probably need a different  vehicle  to tow it with.  I have 105k miles on my Highlander and would have to have a hitch assembly installed.  Not understanding all that much about what is required to install a hitch, but understanding that it isn't cheap, I might be better off just getting a different vehicle.

I still prefer my tent for shorter stays, like one to three days, but for a week or more it might be nice to just climb inside a camper to go to sleep, get out of the rain, etc.  The teardrop usually has a rear hatch that opens up to a kitchen area, and can be as basic and simple as you like, all the way up to deluxe.  I'd just as soon keep it basic, i.e., a cooler or ice chest vs. a small fridge.  It isn't going to happen this year or 2015, but it's nice to think about as well as to check craigslist now and then.   I am probably too much of a dreamer.


  1. It is those dreams which often times become realities.

  2. I found something tonight on Craig's list that I really like. It is a pop up tent trailer but it does't have those darn pull out sides. it just goes up and has everything in it's box. I will toss it around for a few days. Of course I don't think it will last long on Craig's it's just to darn nice. But I think you would like the Tear drop, nice and compact. A hitch will cost around $250 - 300. You could pull it with your car they weigh next to nothing.

  3. Your poor son...you made him older! Though I don't think men take it as personal as a girl would...thank goodness!

    I have poor night vision so I prefer not to drive at night. It is good that you plan to sleep at your daughter's on Thanksgiving.

    Keep those dreams alive, it is what keeps us going.

  4. It's hard to keep up with those kid's ages. One of my son's birthday is July 19 and the other's is November 15. Last year I was arguing with my son that his birthday was November 19. My mother had the best memory for birthdays. Not just our birthdays but all the Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.

  5. Oh you'd love a little camper and I don't think it would cost too much to hook it up to your car. 100K mile is just getting broken in. Glad I only have one child's age and birthday to remember. I can manage that. :-)

  6. I just looked at the stats for a 2007 Highlander, and if I did it right, it looks like your towing capacity is 3,000 pounds. A teardrop trailer might be just the thing. A Toyota with an odometer reading of just over a hundred thousand should be good for a like amount, I would think. You could still set up your Big Agnes tent for daytime comfort, and still have a secure, safe, and dry place for night times and bad weather.

    Here's one at 650 pounds, with some others at the bottom and side of the page.


    Virtual hugs,


  7. I'm glad you corrected his age.. HAhaaaa

    cabins and lodges are great~I know I know ... you don't like them BUT consider if you went two or three nights every two months ... let's see that's 52 weeks in a year ...

    so divide that in half ~ well? let's just say you get away 30 nights a year.

    Average of $70 a night for a lodge or cabin type room ... that's ... $2100 a year to go smell the woods and water and hike about ...

    No property taxes or licensing fees or extra gas or hitches or worries over driving over a speed bump and all yer stuff lands on the floor and breaks ... or a breakdown ~ flat tire or propane bottles falling on you ...

    At your age? helluva deal ...

    you're welcome ;)

  8. How about 88 pounds?