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Thursday, November 20, 2014

I thought I would die!

I took a book along to read and arrived at the dentist office about half an hour early.  Surprisingly, they had me in the chair about 10 minutes after I arrived.

I need lots of novocaine - dental pain has always been the worst for me, and all pain has gotten worse as I age.  This dentist is a marvel when it comes to administering pain meds - he doesn't rush it and makes sure I'm numb before starting any drilling.  
He did two cavities on the left side, and then decided to do two more on the right, meaning I would be numb on the entire lower part of my mouth.  Afterward, I don't look half as bad as I thought I would but it sure feels weird.  The right side was much more painful, but he kept administering more pain meds until I couldn't feel anything.  It was still sensitive but I was able to bear it.  I have a couple more spots to fix on the upper front.

I asked him why all the cavities so fast - I didn't have them 6 months ago.  I admitted that I had been eating sweets with abandon, actually anything with calories.  He agreed that the sugars had a role to play, but said the dry mouth I've been experiencing for approximately 6 to 9 months was the major cause.  He said that dry mouth is a huge problem, and that while Biotin toothpaste made me feel better, it didn't actually help my teeth.  He had his staff call in a prescription for me for a specially medicated toothpaste and mouth rinse, which I'll be happy to use.  Total time in the dental chair:  2-1/2 hrs.

I will go back for the rest of the work after January 1st when my dental insurance kicks in.  It turns out that I have a lot of bone loss, more than what I thought.  Just a caution to anyone who is being told to take Boniva or Fosomax, if you experience negative side effects I would suggest you stop taking it.  Of course it's is a decision you have to make yourself, but I wouldn't rely on a doctor to be helpful.  Most of them are too young (or male) to have the need for such meds, and rely on info put out by the drug manufacturers.

So I have to figure out a new way of eating.  The dentist said to avoid carbs whenever and wherever I can.  I've never been heavy on carbohydrates except that in trying to gain weight I ate everything that sounded good to me and was high in calories.  I think I need to see a nutritionist, but I wouldn't want to rely on that either so I need to do a lot of research on my own.  Thank heaven I put back the danish and the cream puffs at Costco yesterday.  It won't take me long to finish the cinnamon bread.

I'm hoping to go to the gym this evening and sure hope they have the new flooring in and access to all the machines.  I plan to throw myself into exercise with every bit of energy I can summon up.


  1. You were a brave girl, Gypsy. Now, they say we should get all the old mercury fillings removed for health reasons. . . we just can't win.

  2. Wow Gypsy that's a lot of fillings for one day. You did amazingly well. It always seems to be something. You need the carbs to put on weight but it's all a problem for your teeth. You need the exercise to feel good but that will take weight off. SIGH........... I'm so sorry to hear about the bone loss. It really seems as we age, we can't catch a break.

  3. Wow, Gypsy! You just gave your all to dentistry! Thank goodness you don't have much left.

    I had major osteoporosis and osteopenia until I began taking the supplements strontium & Bone Solid. My recent bone scan showed that, after 5 years, the areas of osteoporosis have converted to osteopenia & the old areas of osteopenia are gone. It's a gradual process & my bone scans have improved every year.

    I'm with you--I would not take the prescription osteoporosis meds. These supplements were recommended to me by a naturopath & it must be more prevalent now because at my last bone scan, the tech asked me if I took strontium! My bone health had become so bad, one of my teeth broke off & I needed an implant--thank goodness for dental insurance on that one! I recently took a bad tumble when I missed the bottom step going out to the garage. I think if my bone health weren't so good, I could've easily broken something.

    I'll check out & post some online companies that sell these products. They're not cheap but I consider the price a major investment in my long-term health.

    Take good care & enjoy your day. By the way, do you drink enough water?

  4. Gypsy, I would recommend the web site Rockwell Nutrition. They have good prices, a wide selection & free shipping for orders of more than $75. You earn points as you order & can use them to save money on your order.

  5. My daughter-in-law has a nutritionist. One of their kids had so many allergies, and constant ear infections. Tubes in the ears over and over again, and still infections and the tubes fell out. She was having some issues, and believe it or not, this nutritionist really knew her stuff. It took some visits, but everything got straightened out. I'll bet if you asked around and did some research you'd find someone who is good. (Are they covered by Medicare?)