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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Girls' afternoon out

My sister (Amy) asked Jeannie to drive her to get her nails done this afternoon, and I went along as well.  The manicurist is located in the center of Old Fair Oaks Village - Fair Oaks is where I lived in an apartment before I got this mobile home.  It's the village where the chickens and roosters have the run of things, and traffic stops to let them cross the street.  I got pretty tired of them when I lived there, and I still don't care for them all that much.  Chickens & roosters belong on a farm, in my mind.

While Amy had her nails done Jeannie and I walked around and went into some of the shops and boutiques in the area.  I found a quilt shop and it brought back to mind my lifelong desire to get into quilting.  I was about ready to do it when I had kids and although I sewed my own clothes, and later on, sewed for the kids, I just couldn't deal with what was required for quilting.  I still have the urge to learn how to do it and the only thing that makes me hesitant is my eyesight.  I think I'm going to go for it during the coming year, although I might just take some classes until after my trip to NY (If that trip works out).

We then browsed a shop that sells incense, crystals, candles and the like.  I always enjoyed wandering through that shop.

Last stop was the Stockmen's Bar.  I have always wanted to go in there but felt strange to go in alone, so with Jeannie along we sat at the bar and each had a draft Blue Moon.   It tasted so good I was glad we didn't have time for a second glass - I could probably have enjoyed staying longer and having a few more beers. 

After reuniting with Amy we made a few more stops for more mundane things, and not long after I was on my way home.  I fixed myself a nice supper but I sure do miss the desserts I am used to having after meals.  Instead of turning on the TV this evening I've been reading a book, which is way more satisfying to me than television.

Hopefully I'll get to the gym tomorrow.  I have a few sore muscles from the last effort so I know I need the exercise.


  1. Sounds like a neat little place. I enjoy walking through those little stores.

    You should try the quilting classes. You can make something small like a lap robe for yourself.

    TV really doesn't offer much these days and I have been crocheting like crazy for Christmas gift and donations. Didn't even post last night. Have a great day

  2. Caught up with you! glad you're doing great and busy busy ... loved the pictures of your family and hiss on your mole and teeth!

    I so dislike going to the doctor ... I spent so much time with my parents and all the stuff they went through ... which, to me, was a bunch and I mean a bunch of add on expenses... unbelievable

    You would have loved my shop .. I made candles and sold the BEST incense ;) beautiful geodes

  3. In earlier days quilting was my favorite craft. I had a lap frame and a stand up frame and made wonderful Christmas stockings and placements as well as baby and bed quilts. Really loved it. Reading a book is WAY more satisfying than TV for sure.

  4. What a great day! Going through the shops sounds like fun.

    I did a little quilting, and hope to do more if I ever settle down in a larger place, or a home base. I took lessons at first and learned a lot. If you did all that sewing back in the day, you should have no problem with quilting. My last sewing was in Home Ec in high school - LOL.

  5. Hi.

    Hope you don't let your eyes prevent you from quilting. I am loving the peaceful creativity. I have bad eyesight and find it easier in the mornings. I also have a pair of cheap strong reading glasses I wear over the top of my regular ones. Clumsy but will do until I can afford new ones when I will get special ones to make it easier to do fine work.


  6. My dear Gypsy, if you sewed for yourself and your children you have all the skills to quilt. It is just a quarter-inch seam allowance and 80% of all quilts are two shapes: a square and a half-square triangle. The big thing with quilting is accuracy, make sure your cuts are spot-on and be very consistent with your seam allowances. You are detail orientated enough to do a great job!

    Hens are great in town but no roosters, please! LOL

  7. Are you planning on just making the quilt tops or the whole shebang!! (Shebang is a technical word - grin) Quilting machines are great but quite expensive. By hand is a lot less expensive but takes awhile. The art is in the quilt tops, the rest is just to make it functional as a blanket thingy (Thingy is another technical word)