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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Nothing-happening Sunday

I have done nothing except cook, eat, and read so far today.  Oh, and check the computer now and then.  The dishes are piling up in the sink.  I have very few dishes from a meal such as breakfast, so I usually stack everything and wash them once a day.  But no sooner than I am finished, another dirty dish, cup, or glass appears.  The one item of convenience I miss is a dishwasher, since you can keep the unwashed out of sight until it's full.  The old dishwasher worked okay for a while and then I would hear it trying to fill with water but no water was coming in.  So I quit using it and hope to someday get a new one.  I need so many replacements in this house it is hard to decide what is next.  So I end up going to mapquest and planning a nice trip.  More and more lately I think about giving this place away on Craigslist and finding myself an apartment where you call the management when something doesn't work.

Today is overcast but no rain is expected for at least two days.  

I want to thank all who commented with such encouragement on my tentative plans to take up quilting.   I hadn't really connected all the sewing I've done in the past with any possible abilities now.

Years ago my sister Julie volunteered that "we" will make a christening gown for Amy's newborn daughter Stephanie, who is 25 yrs old now.  "We" meant that Marty will do all the machine sewing and Julie will watch, offer encouragement, and possibly do some of the hand sewing.  That was the most difficult garment I ever made, and I grumbled and cussed the entire time.   If you sew you understand how difficult it can be to sew a sleeve into a dress.  A sleeve for an infant dress is no doubt 25 times more difficult, and sewing satin and lace is a slippery slope.  "We" did it though, and it was gorgeous, and it fit baby Stephanie just perfect.  I would never do that again however, and I never let Julie off the hook for getting me into something that would have been so easy to go out and buy, and would have looked just as good.   So I suppose I could learn to quilt if I tried.


  1. When my kids were little I bought a Christening gown for one and passed it down to others as they were born.
    Now the only sewing that I do, is repair work.

  2. "finding myself an apartment where you call the management when something doesn't work".

    Well I sure do understand the logic in that kind of thinking. That is something we have occasionally tossed around in our future thinking plans as well. Probably not for awhile yet but I can certainly see the benefits for sure. Seems the older we get the 'less stress' we have in our lives the better......

  3. I have thrown the thought of selling and going full time, then thought about an apartment. But when it comes right down to it I couldn't afford the rent compared to what I pay for HOA fees here. And when I was no longer able to full time then what? Think I'll stay put. I know it takes money to own and have to replace and repair but it still beats the cost of rent in a nice place

  4. I am surprised you are thinking of '"giving away" your place. You and your kids have done so many improvements that it should we worth something to somebody and not just a give-away., think that one over well before you jump into it.

  5. I get so frustrated with all the vandalism to my house in Houston that I too feel like just getting rid of it...but not giving it away.

    Maybe a lower than market value price but then I change my mind and think...at least it is paid for and I wont have to pay rent at another place.