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Thursday, May 22, 2014

I did it!

The laugh is on me!  I decided to scroll through the cookies every other day or so and get rid of the ones that had been added.  Somehow instead of clicking on "delete individual cookies", I clicked "delete all cookies".  It's no big problem so far, although I had to sign in to aol and google again.  There are a couple of sites I need to sign in to such as my retirement data, but I don't think any harm has been done and probably a lot of good.

The gym was great last night - not too crowded - and I feel super this morning.  I have been outside sweeping leaves and dirt from the driveway, and also washing windows.  I'm a little hesitant to climb on a ladder although I've had no problems yet.  I should probably go change my shoes from the Birkenstocks though, since they aren't exactly conducive to climbing up and down and remaining steady.

I went to Home Depot hoping to find some small oleander bushes I could plant along my back fence.  They had one or two but they were larger than I want to deal with.    When I left there I thought one of my tires looked low, so I drove next door to Les Schwab where they checked all the tires.  The one I was concerned about did need air.  

Now I just have to wait until the sun is over on the other side of my house and I can clean my bedroom window.  That will leave me just two on the sunny side, and they will have to wait until tomorrow.  I hope I have some energy tomorrow.



  1. Oh boy, there ya go make'n the old Billy Bob tired again. You work too much....lay down an' relax.
    Glad to hear the news that you are feel'n much better. Shoot, another month you will be run'n in a marathon.

  2. I hope they checked that tire to see why it lost air. And glad you are feeling better. Exercise is the best medicine and I need some more of it.

  3. Nice to see you giving the Energizer Bunny a run for it's money:))

  4. I'm sure you will have some energy left for tomorrow now that you are feeling so well again and going to the gym. I cleaned some of my windows but with all this wind they no longer look like they had been cleaned.

  5. Every time I try to do something to my computer, I end up messing it up. You have so much energy, you need to bottle it up and send me some.

    I can't remember the last time I cleaned mother's windows let alone the ones at my house but shhhhh...don't tell anybody!

  6. If you know anyone who has oleanders you can just get cutting from them to plant. You can plant them directly in the ground but better to root then first in water. They grow so fast you would have a nice start next year. Just a thought. Becki