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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Staying cool

It is even hotter today and I had to turn on the cooler earlier in the day.   The wonderful "Delta Breeze" is not coming up the delta due to weather patterns out in the Pacific, so the nights aren't as cool and the day gets warm pretty quick.  I don't intend to go anywhere today and I'm content to stay home.

I planned to do a little decluttering starting in the kitchen but didn't accomplish a whole lot.  I seemed to spend a lot of time cleaning countertops, which still have traces of sticky grease from the former occupants' love of fried foods.   The countertops drive me crazy but that isn't at the top of my prioritized list.   For the past few years I thought about replacing them, but ended up choosing to spend time and money traveling to the east and back.  This year the money is going to the dentist.

Speaking of the dentist I have an appointment for cleaning tomorrow and then I hope I'm finished for a while.

I made chicken vegetable soup a couple of days ago and just had a bowl for my dinner.  It is really tasty (although I think I prefer beef to chicken), but that one bowl has me feeling too full.  I've noticed that by dinner time I am not hungry, can't eat very much, and then feel stuffed.  I'm just thankful I enjoy my breakfast so much.

The wildfires in southern CA are frightening, and I hope my blog readers from that area can stay safe.   I think fires will be a problem for the entire west this summer.  The climate has definitely been weird the past few years.


  1. You've come across our minds quite a bit today with the fires going on. So far we know you're ok. We're on the way out there, hope to stay away from any fires.

  2. I am starting to be seriously concerned that we may be too far into climate alteration to fix it. The weather has become so chaotic and mostly in a bad way....fires, floods, tornadoes,droughts, hurricanes. It's very sad.

  3. those wildfires are something else! scary ... glad you like breakfast too ... I like it all ..


  4. Gypsy have you ever heard of Awesome cleaner? Let me tell you this stuff IS Awesome. If you have a Dollar Tree you can get it there and they sell larger bottles for refilling or if you have spray bottles just fill them up. I'm sure you will find it other places but not for a $1. They have a stain remover for laundry and an after spray for the shower. I bet you will be able to get that grease gone with this stuff.

    As for the fires I have decided to stay away from the mountains until after the monsoon if it every comes this year.

  5. I think it will be hot everywhere this summer. We had 89 today with 100% humidity:(

  6. I agree with Sherry about the weather. I have a feeling it is already too late & the damage to our atmosphere is probably irreversible.

  7. I second the suggestion on AWESOME products! I use some as pre-treater on clothing too in the wash. It cuts through just about anything. I even use it to remove sticky label residue.

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  8. You have been in my thoughts as I have watched those fires on TV and the unusual hot weather in your area.

    I bought some AWESOME at Dollar Tree a while back but have never used it...maybe it is time I break out the bottle after the above comments.