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Friday, May 9, 2014

Sleepless Night

I've been lying awake for the past 4 hours so I decided to get up for a while.  I have been suffering from allergies (sneezing) for a few days and have taken a Benadryl before going to bed - of course, last night I thought I could do without it and I think that is why I can't sleep.   It is 4:30 am, so I know I will be tired all day.

My son Steve came over yesterday with his little sidekick, Liam, and I spent several enjoyable hours with them.  Steve did some minor repairs around the house, and he and Liam helped me pull the grass and weeds that have grown through the plastic and gravel in the back yard.  While back there I noticed a blue bird that was trying to get away, but he was hooked on something.  It turned out he had gotten his head into some mesh netting, and when he landed in my back yard he caught the netting on a nail slightly protruding from some landscaping wood.

The man next door came out to see what was going on, and he held the bird while Steve cut the netting.  It was a tedious job because several strands of the fine netting were wrapped around the bird's neck.  Finally freed from the netting, the bird was set down and he immediately flew away.  I rarely go into the back yard and marvel at how fate worked in that bluebird's favor.

Steve and I discussed the pros and cons of my getting rid of this house and going back into an apartment.   Coincidentally, I've been thinking of that this past week, but it would be very costly for me to find the kind of rental I would want - something that is only one storey for one thing.  I remember too well my last apartment and the noise that kept me awake coming from the apartment overhead.   That would probably leave me the option of a 1 floor duplex with a neighbor on one side, and they rent for several hundred dollars more than an apartment.  A small house would be ideal but at a rent that I couldn't afford.  It's a real dilemma that could keep me awake at night, although that wasn't the problem causing tonight's insomnia.

Steve even wondered if I would consider another RV/trailer that he said I could park on an RV pad in their back yard.   I lived very comfortably in my 5th wheel, but I would never want another 5ver, or really any other kind of RV.   I certainly can't keep up with the maintenance of a mobile home that was in pretty bad shape when I got it.

I had myself a snack and wrote a blog entry, so I think I should try to get a few hours sleep before 8 am.    It is almost 8 am for readers in the east!


  1. It should hope that what ever you do, it will be the best thing for you. Don't rush into anything, maybe where you are now will work for you. Do you have a neighbor boy (or girl) who could help with some of the yard work?

  2. That sleep interrupted happens to me all the time. I wake up at 2:30am and cannot go back to sleep. Then I drag around all day. I sure can sympathize.

  3. Some times I think of selling my place too, but for different reasons. I want to travel so bad but keeping a house and buying a reliable Class B is just not viable.
    I walk around the yard often and keep it sprayed so I am not overwhelmed with a weed problem.

    My house is paid for and HOA fees are very cheap here.

    I'm sure you will find the right path for yourself.

  4. Ok girl, you are in the exact situation I don't want to get myself in. Now if'n it was me, I would be look'n for a new place....I don't like them HMO's, or what ever ya call 'em, tell'n me what to do an' what my yard should look like. I like to grow weeds.

    I like the idea Steve suggested, but then again....maybe not. Buying another RV would be my suggestion. RV maintenance versus home maintenance? HUGE difference. What I spend on maintenance for "Sally da house", wouldn't cover the cost of changing a light bub in a home. An' then there's the taxes....my god, property taxes.

    Sit down an' do ya some think'n.

  5. I would love the freedom of having a private living unit on someone else's property (assuming compatibility); it sounds wonderful to me. All the benefits of a campground without the worry. You could go away on trips without be concerned about what was happening at home.

    You could help out a bit perhaps with the utility costs for the house - WIN WIN !!! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


  6. What I believe are allergies have kept me up many a night. In fact, I go in for some tests on Monday. So I know how you feel:(

  7. CAn you legally live in an RV on a city lot where Steve lives..? Wouldn't want to get the rig all purchased and have a neighbor turn you in for living where it isn't zoned correctly...

  8. I was thinking what Rod said.... Hope you find the right thing for you....

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  9. getting caught up! haha… sidekick Liam… so cute … ohhhh …. the little bird! a bluebird! aw

    and, yes… I remember your last apartment too. I've often thought of a senior housing thing … one that is active and fun …. awfully expensive though. I had an aunt who lived in one who throughly enjoyed it. Like a little village. walk everywhere and transportation to wherever you needed to go.

    A Class B is still in my thoughts though … as I've said… I don't want to drive and explore any longer… just too tiresome but to be able to be on my own and go when and where I want is awfully enticing…. Yates has wanted me to do this forever… I can park in their driveway whenever I want wherever they are ~ and still have the freedom I soooooo need.

  10. You have a lot of thinking to do and your bloggers have brought up many valid points to consider.

    I know you will arrive at the correct solution for your individual situation.

  11. Finally catching up on your blog. That bird sure was lucky that you rescued it. I too have thought about finding a place to park it for a long period of time without having to work for my site, however that won't happen for a long time. I'll be here as a Camp Host until October.