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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Go California!

It was a great day for the Ky Derby winner, California Chrome.  I thought the pre-race chatter reminded me of a football game with all the boring commentary, but when it got down to it, there were some beautiful horses in this race, especially the winner.  I had a few tears in my eyes when they played the anthem of my native state - My Old Kentucky Home.

I went shopping with Jeannie and the girls this morning as Autumn needed some new things to wear,  and it was kinda fun for me, especially since I didn't have to pay for the clothes.   I hear so many negative comments lately about JC Penney that I'd like to say the stock they carry was excellent, the prices were awesome (on sale),  and the clerks at the checkout were friendly and helpful.  

We joined up with Donald for a trip to Costco, again always a fun trip.  Back to their house and Donald's home-made pizza.  I am plumb worn out, but I hope to sleep well tonight.   I think I'll take a Benadryl since I've been sneezing all day due to the pollen in the air, so that should make me sleep better.  I took an Alleve this morning before leaving, and that helped me through the day.

That's it for me today.  G'nite.



  1. Kids clothes at JCPenny are great not so much for older grown ups. Good for you to get out and have a good time.

  2. Just want to say how much I appreciate you using an easy to read font style. Your larger bold font is a treat for ageing eyes.

  3. I wish someone would make homemade pizza for me. ;)

  4. I always liked shopping at Penny's - they had good merchandise and good prices. I always stopped there first when buying clothes or shoes for me. I thought they were out of business? Maybe only some stores closed.

  5. I'll skip the shopping but sure would like to have been there for that pizza. Glad you didn't have a picture of it so my mouth isn't watering.

  6. Home made pizza is my favorite. I must admit that I thought California Chrome was a silly name for a Derby winner:)