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Monday, May 12, 2014

Should I or Shouldn't I?

I think I mentioned on several blogs past that I'm re-thinking where and how I should live.  With all its problems and much needed repairs, and with the Park management providing constant irritation, I love this place.  It is large enough that I've been able to expand out a bit, as well as to have room for items such as cookware, linens, glassware, etc. that I love to use.   It is also comfortable and homey to me, at least on the inside.

I was very comfortable and had space for what I needed (not all that I had) in my 5th wheel RV, but the maintenance issues drove me into the ground since I was alone and had to do everything with no help.  I'm finding the same situation with this mobile home, and one of my sons has suggested I get rid of the house and find an apartment or live in an RV.

To that end I have been searching Craigslist as well as RV dealers on the internet for suitable Class C's.  I can't afford a new one and the closer I get down to my price range the more likely I will face many more maintenance issues.  I was stunned at how prices have seemed to rise since I was last in the market, although I may just be forgetful in that regard.

If I did get an RV I would want to travel in it and not just sit in place.  I love the travel aspect and the freedom to sit for a while or to pick up and move to a new place.   I remember that I didn't much care for RV parks, although it didn't matter much to me for just an overnight stop.  As it is I can travel in my Highlander and camp in a tent - which I love and prefer doing - or stay in a motel along the way.

 If any readers have some thoughtful insights for me, I'd love to hear your views.  Maybe someone out there has been in a like situation, and I'd be interested to know how you came to one decision or another.


  1. Well, since ya ask real nice for some input, I'm gonna give ya bout .25cents worth.

    The amount I pay for maintenance every year is bout 3 to 13 times cheaper than it is to own an' live in a mobile home. I have no lawn to cut every two weeks...and the expense of buy'n a lawn mower...or the gas to run it. Did I mention the weed eater for another hunnert dollars? And all that manual labor just to satisfy your "group"...what ever it's called.
    I don't suppose you would be pay'n property taxes if'n ya lived in a RV.
    And then again, I didn't mention that mobile homes deteriorate at a alarming rate. Remember the shape it was in when ya got it?
    The advantages you said bout a RV versus your mobile....what's to question.
    But then, I'm a full timer RV person and have no desire to own a place like you have....stiks an' bricks ain't for me. Although, I would love to own a little piece of lake front property for a homebase. Catch me up some fish ya know.

  2. I bought my motorhome at PPL. They have a couple of places, the closest to me is in south Houston. Even though you may not want to fly into Houston to pick up an RV, you can use them to see what used ones are selling for like the one you may want to buy. Just a thought. Check them out at http://www.pplmotorhomes.com/
    They sell on consignment, only getting a commission on what they sell. They are real easy to deal with and will work with you and the seller to get a mutual agreeable price. Good luck on finding one.

  3. When we went on the road full time, I tried selling my single wide mobile home on almost three acres in IN. No takers in two years. The home continues to depreciate in value and even my own current bank will not refinance my loan at a lower rate under the HARP program. Grrrrr…..There are advantages and disadvantages to being in an RV, but if I had to do it all over again, and was single, I'd sell my house and get back on the road. If I wanted to have a in place residence, I'd do an apartment. Only you can decide where and what you want to do. I think if the right vehicle comes across your path, then it's worth setting out again! You can always stay in one place in your RV for a LONG time, and there's always that Escapees(?) park in Texas where RVers have it as their final stop….Sorry, can't remember the name of it… Good luck and best wishes for a good outcome for you and your situation...

  4. You might want to check out Barbara's Blog, Me and my dog. She started full timing in a Class C about the same time I started. You can link to her blog through mine. She seems to love it.

  5. The only thing with no up keep is an apartment. But the landlord can keep raising the rent on you. In an RV, you'd have to shrink back a bit and limit those things like linens, cookware and glassware. Maybe like Jeannie says, you should look into the real possibility of selling your place and that may be the deciding factor.

  6. Hi Gypsy
    I think an apartment would suit your situation much better get a small one like a Studio apartment or bachelor apartment. Less rent no work involved which would leave you more time to travel and stay in Motels along the way. When we near our twilight years simple is so much better. Best wishes on your choices. It's about time Rick & Kathy Rousseau

  7. I'm about where you are. I have put some money into my place this year and I'm not finished. But it's paid for and outside of paying property tax it is very cheap to live here.
    But I want to travel and the only way to do that is to sell this place. Just to much to figure out. Maybe next year. After spending a summer at home I will be ready.
    Good luck with your choices

  8. Gypsy,I know jealousy is an unbcoming trait but every time I read on your post that Jeannie invited you to go for pizza and beer or brought you milk for breakfast or went to the gym with you or invited you for dinner or went for a walk with you I turn a little green with envy..My perfectly awesome daughter lives a thousand miles away and all of those things could never happen.Sometimes we fail to see what is so awesome about our lives.I say stay close by her as long as it is possible to do so.A small apartment close by that had a washer and dryer and no maintenance...Travel in your toyota whenever possible.Good luck with whatever you decide! Vada in Texas

  9. I have to agree with Vada. I am sure Jeannie, Steve , and Joe's lives are all less stressful with the security of knowing where you are and how you are, too. Scary for them to be wondering about those things when you might be out of reach. I wonder if you've been following Tioga George. He found a studio apartment for a reasonable price. Wonder if that would be possible for you??? Wish you the best, no matter what you decide to do.