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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dental visit

This afternoon I made a long overdue visit to have my teeth cleaned.  I was nervous about it because I remember the scraping and the metal picks used in the past, but my daughter assured me that our dental office is different - they use jets of water at a high rate of speed.  I told the dental technician that I was extremely nervous and she suggested I could use nitrous oxide.  I jumped at the chance.

She was very gentle with the molars that gave me cause for concern.  The nitrous doesn't make me feel out of it, but just relaxed; I couldn't take a Valium this time because Joe is working and couldn't drive me.  I guess maybe the nitrous has more of an effect that I realize because I remember feeling that my shoes were coming off.  I wore Birkenstock sandals and when the nitrous started taking effect I thought "Oh hell, my shoes are falling off!"  Of course, they weren't.

I am thrilled with the results and already have my 6 month appointment set up. 

I have just about decided to stay where I am in my mobile home for a while, but today I found a notice in my mailbox of a meeting of the new Homeowners Association.  They mention voting on by-laws, dues, budget, Board of Directors officers, committees to be formed, etc.  What a crock!  I'm too old to fight things like this any more, so maybe I should rethink going into an apartment.  Dang, I hate decisions like this hanging over my head.

It is another hot day and will also be in the 90's tomorrow, but will begin to cool down for the weekend and the beginning of next week.

I looked out my bedroom window at the moon as it was rising last night - WOW! - what a gorgeous sight!  This was the prettiest full moon I've seen in a while.

I stopped at the grocery on my way home and wanted to get ice cream, among a few other things.  All brands I looked at have high fructose corn syrup which I will just do without, so another trip to Costco is warranted to get their organic ice cream!  I have never been all that eager for ice cream, but find I crave it year around in California.  Since I live alone I've begun to eat it right out of the container.  I remember when my kids used to laugh about their dad doing that.  I guess he and I are a lot alike in some respects.


  1. Get a grip, Gypsy. Use a bowl for your ice cream! :)

  2. Then you can put chocolate syrup on it!

  3. Don't remind me, I need to go see the dentist, too. BTW, I have a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream every night. At my age, I figure I can get away with it.

  4. U Scream
    I Scream
    We ALL Scream
    for ICE CREAM!!!!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  5. My Dad moved into a senior apartment complex, not assisted living (in a suburb of Chicago). It is run by the Mennonite Church with govt subsidies - the rent is calculated based on your income. He pays around $350 a month, that includes the utilities, he just pays for phone and cable. He is very happy there and since he loves to cook has set up some themed dinners in the common room. He was on a waiting list for about a year, it is very well kept up, they have office and maintenance staff on site.

  6. Dental cleaning have become so gentle, I have to work at staying awake while they work their magic:)

  7. Glad to hear the cleaning was so easy. I'd eat ice cream every night if I needed to put on weight rather than take it off. I love it!! BUT only organic. No additives. Well except when I'm out since it's nearly impossible to get ice cream that's organic anywhere but the grocery.

  8. We will be getting your hot weather here tomorrow for a few days.

    Our HOA isn't bad here. We don't always like the way things are but some things are very good to have. All our board members are volunteers and live in the part, but we vote them in.
    Like Teri said maybe you can find a senior apt. somewhere.

  9. If I find out a date that I'm gonna die? I'm getting me a caterer of Ben & Jerry's ice cream... Chunky Monkey being the main one.... and like Shery said... if I HAD to gain weight? ice cream makes me gain weight by looking at it...


  10. If you have a trader joe near you try their ice cream...it is yummy! Gluten free, organic (I think) but the chocolate is out of this world. A little expensive but worth every cent!

  11. We've been eating Talenti Gelato. I'm not sure where the line is drawn between ice cream and gelato, but that stuff is really good - a couple of tablespoons of it is sufficient to quell the "ice cream monster". It isn't cheap, but since such a small amount is needed to satisfy that ice cream need, a pint lasts a long time. Add fresh fruit - total YUM!

    Virtual hugs,


  12. That is what I hate about Houston seems everywhere you go they have HOA.

    Do you own your mobile home? If you rent then it would be a lot easier to move. Selling a home is just added aggravation that is why I keep mine.